Plan given to state to eliminate computerized ballot counting errors

By WND Staff

Counting ballots
Counting ballots

A new plan is being pushed in the state of Wyoming that would literally eliminate any potential for computer errors or manipulation as ballots are counted.

Because there would be none.

Computers involved, that is.

The Cowboy State Daily explains there’s a new agenda to eliminate electronic vote counting machines in favor of hand counting.

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Secretary of State Chuck Gray is in support of the plan from Wyoming Voter Initiatives to put the plan on the 2026 ballot, and have it in effect for 2028.

The plan also would toss in public ballot inspections, strict voter ID requirements and a ban on ballot dropboxes, which are suspected of helping fraud through mass numbers of votes dropped off when there are no monitors.

Spokesman Brent Bien, a leader of the campaign, said for people to vote, they must have confidence in the system.

Of the last several elections, there have been widespread accusations that voting machines didn’t operate properly, changed votes and worse.

Hand counting is the answer, he said.

“Having those trustworthy, transparent elections to where the people feel confident again. It’s one thing for every vote to count, it’s another thing entirely for every vote to count for the intended recipient.”

The state Legislative Service Office also has been asked to draft a bill for the upcoming state Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions Committee meeting later this month “that would implement hand count auditing of election ballots,” the report said.

“I have made clear to all of the county clerks that I believe that we need to move toward a hand audit of the election,” a promoter explained.

Gray said he also intends to announce a working group to study hand audits of elections, to make clear in Wyoming law that “hand audits are required.”

State records, the report said, show officials first allowed automated voting machines in 1957. And digital machines were added in the early 2000s.

The report explained, “The push for a hand-counted election follows directly in line with former President Donald Trump’s claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. Trump’s claims popularized a previously fringe belief that voting machines are tampered with and hacked into during American elections.”

Actually, evidence now shows that the real undue influences on the election were Mark Zuckerberg’s $400 million in handouts to local elections officials who mostly used the cash to recruit voters from Democrat districts, and the interference from the CIA and FBI.

Those federal agencies, weaponized against President Donald Trump, first allowed a scheme to move forward in which dozens of intelligence “experts” claimed that Biden family scandals listed in a computer Hunter Biden abandoned was Russian disinformation.

Then the bureaucrats told news agencies to suppress information about those scandals, and the results were that Joe Biden, who likely would have lost the vote if that information had been widely available, won.

“Various counties throughout the country have reverted to hand count elections. The push for hand count in Wyoming first started picking up momentum around early 2022 in Park County,” the report said. “In 2023, at least eight states introduced legislation banning the use of vote counting machines, according to One proposal in Arizona would have effectively banned vote counting machines by requiring equipment be configured in ways that do not currently exist.”

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