Residents of affluent city claim elderly man is killing cats with crossbow as part of demonic ritual

By Around the Web

(THE BLAZE) – Residents of a ritzy California town say that a man is terrorizing them by shooting and killing cats with a crossbow as part of a bizarre demonic ritual. KTTV-TV spoke to residents in San Pedro who said they were afraid of a 70-year-old man who is killing feral cats.

“There is a man who seems to delight in pretending he’s a Knights Templar, and in the name of the Lord, he exercises demons by shooting cats,” said Holly Sweany, who lives in the area. “He says they’re demons, they’re demons of the devil.”

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Sweany claims that the man tried to shoot her because she feeds the cats at a cat colony. “As far as he’s concerned, we are working with the devil because we’re helping the cats,” she added. Sweany said she told police that the bolt narrowly missed her head, but they reportedly told her that they didn’t have enough information to do anything about the man. They said they need video evidence before they can take action against him.

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