The timing and method of Biden’s removal

By Scott Lively

Unlike the many pundits who have concluded – in retrospect – that Biden’s debate debacle was an orchestrated coup by the Dem elites, my prediction of that coup and supporting analysis was published on WND two days before the debate, under the title “Why June 27 will be another ‘Night of the Long Knives.'” I said right up front: “I believe the primary purpose of the debate is to shock the Kool-Aid-drinking blue-pilled left into reality as to Biden’s dementia and the need to remove him. The pro-Biden propaganda machine will keep pumping out the ‘Joe is OK and can win’ narrative right up to the debate itself, and then afterward all the key choir leaders (Rachel ‘Mad Dog’ Maddow, Anderson ‘Catamitus’ Cooper, et al.) will pull out their new song-sheet and talking points.”

That is exactly what happened. The rank and file Dem voters and donors had an instant panic attack during the debate, and within 24 hours Big Media, led by the editorial board of the New York Times, no less, began demanding Biden’s resignation (although Maddow herself didn’t join them). Predictably, the Biden family and core loyalists pushed back hard against that demand and threw up a temporarily defensible barricade around the putative president’s inner circle. And, predictably, the presumed chief coup orchestrator – Barack Obama (along with Pelosi and the Clintons) – rushed to publicly back Old Joe (pending his inevitable surrender). They need the Dem base to blame other people for whatever goes wrong in the coming transfer of power, and for themselves to be perceived as saviors of the process – reluctantly coming around later to the sad necessity of agreeing that Joe needs a “dignified exit” for the sake of “Democracy.”

All of this, including the “comeback kid” theme now being pantomimed before the public is all for show while the extreme and fluid complexities of the power transfer are worked through behind the scenes.

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As long as other options exist, however, the Dem elites do NOT want Joe to be reelected! Why? Because, as everyone who’s ever witnessed the phenomenon up close knows, dementia is both irreversible and progressive at an ever increasing speed, and thus in the event of a Biden victory in November there would be no way to prevent the almost universally despised Kamala Harris from becoming president – with no way to remove her. There is no way Biden can finish a second term at the rate he’s declining.

But, of course, because she’s a black female, no one involved in the Biden removal process can ever publicly admit this. Of course, even Harris would be better than Trump in their warped minds – but a Joe Biden reelection is clearly the worst-case “victory” scenario.

The supposed best-case scenario being floated now is for Joe to be persuaded to resign – soon – but the people with the most control of that decision are the ones most desperate to keep him in power: the dominant members of the Biden crime family whose exposure to serious jail time is a very real possibility if they lose the protections of the presidency and its “justice” department. They will fight like cornered wolverines to stay in power – at least until they’re presented with an offer they can’t refuse or are guaranteed sanctuary in a foreign jurisdiction with no extradition treaty with the U.S.

Further, there are election law problems in some states for a candidate who resigns after the primaries. Georgia law allows for the withdrawal of a presidential nominee only if the candidate dies or is unable to serve due to illness or disability (Ga. Code Ann. § 21-2-1), and South Carolina law does not allow for the withdrawal of a presidential nominee for political reasons (S.C. Code Ann. § 7-13-130).

Here’s the kicker, though: The key swing state of Wisconsin’s law allows for the withdrawal of a presidential nominee only in the event of death (Wis. Stat. Ann. § 8.35(1)).

Therefore, from a purely cold-hearted Machiavellian perspective, the actual best-case scenario for the Dem elites is for Biden to die within the narrowing window of time for a replacement nominee to be installed. Unfortunately for old Joe, there are no more cold-hearted Machiavellians in this world today other than Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

A Biden helicopter crash in Marine One directly on Kamala’s house, killing them both instantly would be too suspicious, but, as I’ve postulated since the early days of the Biden regime, a Biden stroke or similar medical event would appear to most people a natural event under the circumstances. In my WND column of May 20, 2024, I stated that I think the Washington Post’s May 14 gratuitous public reminder of Biden’s two prior brain aneurisms was a deliberate setup for this.

So, again, I think Joe Biden is going to suffer a real or staged stroke or similar malady very soon, and for the first time I’m suggesting it may be fatal. Either way, in this best-case or next-best-case scenario for the Dems, Joe will exit stage left and Kamala Harris will have the consolation prize of becoming the putative first woman president for a few months. She’ll be kept out of sight as much as possible so as not to damage the DNC’s actual nominee. And if, as I (along with the great prognosticator Wayne Allyn Root) believe that nominee is Michelle Obama, Harris could actually make her the VP for those key weeks leading up to the election, letting Michelle – and perhaps Barack himself as potential First Dude – use the presidential podium for maximum effect. Talk about a Dem elite wet dream!

There are a couple of other possible factors/scenarios that should also be mentioned.

The first is a Trump assassination, which is actually being urged by some of the more fringy characters on the Left. The Dem elites would certainly love Trump to die, but they know an assassination would likely mean civil war, and that would at the very least disrupt their plundering of the public treasury and could potentially lead to their own public hangings (they’re keenly aware that the other side owns most of the guns and most cops are conservatives).

The second is WWIII and/or major false flag terror attacks sufficient to suspend the elections under martial law. However, without a strong Democrat “commander in chief” at the helm (as Biden was ostensibly perceived to be until the debate), that scenario would vastly favor Trump who actually is a strong commander even in the eyes of those who hate him. And, again, civil war would be a likely result.

So, I’m sticking my neck out again with prediction options that will again be called “wild speculation” instead of “forward-looking reasoned analysis” – unless and until they actually occur, when others will take the credit for calling them retroactively [he said with a bemused smile].

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