Town’s snarky anti-littering campaign asks if ‘mommy still cleans’ for ‘brainless’ residents

By Around the Web

(NEW YORK POST) – They’re getting snarky when it comes to their sanitation. Officials in Babylon, Long Island are so fed up with litterbugs, they’ve put up signs calling out the “brainless” scofflaws.

“They’re dumping a lot of fast food, 7-Eleven cups, Taco Bell, Wendy’s. It gets as crazy as a freezer that was dumped right at the entrance to the Southern State Parkway,” said Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer, who said sanitation workers picked up a staggering 250 tons of roadside garbage last year.

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“We’ve had mattresses, tires, and the most bizarre thing is, the town picks all these things up. All you have to do is call. So they’re going out of their way to dump this stuff. It just totally shows that they’re brainless.”

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