Watchdog asks if Americans would trust Biden to decide a court case

By WND Staff

(Video screenshot)

The jokes about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, made apparent to shocked Americans during the presidential debate with President Donald Trump, now are legion.

One cartoon has a military leader explaining to Biden, “Sir, the Russian army is failing, and Putin feels only nuclear weapons can deter NATO.” The second panel then reveals Biden, with his back to the general, reaching out to shake hands with … no one.

But the cognitive issues Biden obviously is experience are nothing to laugh at, really, according to a government watchdog.

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In a column,Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch cited videos of Biden “freezing, getting lost in his thoughts, shuffling, slurring his words, wandering off and simply checking out.”

He continued, “Mr. Biden and his increasingly bizarre behavior have become the punch line for jokes and memes. But cognitive decline isn’t funny; it’s tragic. In that respect, the president deserves our empathy and compassion. But Americans are right to be concerned about the immediate national security and other consequences caused by Mr. Biden’s evident disability.”

He called for Kamala Harris and Biden’s cabinet members to “do their duty under the 25th Amendment and consider whether the president’s cognitive issues preclude him from continuing to discharge his duties.”

He said a medical review should be first, and that could, if its results are positive for Biden, close the matter.

“If the results confirm a cognitive issue, there must be no delay in invoking the 25th Amendment to protect the country,” he said. If fact, he’s one among a multitude seeking application of the 25th Amendment.

Given that Biden has stated he will not drop out of the presidential race, his voluntary departure from the White House is unlikely, the commentary said.

But the dispute could end up in Congress, with a two-thirds vote required for Biden to be set aside from Oval Office powers and duties.

The commentary said, “The process is designed to make it difficult to remove Mr. Biden or any president from office without a bipartisan consensus and agreement by the president. But we have all seen the alarming signs leading up to the present presidential competency crisis.”

The piece concluded, “I have a simple question: Would any American trust Mr. Biden to be a judge deciding a case in court?”

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