Whether it’s jacked-up Joe or mumbler Joe, the future is grim

By Richard Blakley

As the dust settles from the June presidential debate, America is being “played like a violin.” Biden’s performance was terrible. Unlike Barack Obama, Biden left liberal mainstream media with tears running down their cheeks, instead of tingles running up their legs.

A White House official speaking to The Hill excused Biden’s lousy debate performance as being due to a cold. After finishing at 10:30 p.m. and after being helped down the debate stage steps by his wife (1:18 in video), he then arrived in North Carolina at 2 a.m. to conduct a rally on Friday. Clips from the North Carolina rally caused Fox’s Sean Hannity to state, we had the return of “Jacked up hyper-caffeinated [or whatever the drug is] Joe.” This was the very next day after Joe’s dismal debate performance.

Newsweek reports that Ana Navarro-Cardenas, a political commentator, posted, “This is downright inexplicable. Debate Biden was a disaster. NC rally Biden –just 18 hours later –is on fire.”

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So, which is the real Joe? Did the debate-stage-Joe, and all the video appearances of him mumbling nonsense and walking away lost, show who he really is? Was the NC-rally-Joe on drugs of some sort, like the Joe at the last State of the Union address where Biden started before the speaker of the House introduced him and yelled his speech over the applause?

Which Joe Biden do you think is going to emerge at the debate Sept. 10, 2024? Again, we’re being played like a violin. Now that we’ve been baited, it’s time for the switch. Jacked-up Joe will be resurrected in September so all the liberals can say how much better he did, giving Joe a boost, just as early voting is starting in October. They will all say, “See, Biden just had a cold at the June debate.”

Biden’s performance in these debates should be judged on more than if he can walk across the stage, find the podium, stand for 90 minutes, articulate answers somewhat related to the questions, minimize the mumbling and then not fall as he gets guided help to descend the stairs. Jill Biden told supporters that Joe did a good job because he “answered every question” – or rather, mumbled something after every question. Are these the things that should guide and motivate people to vote for Joe?

As Donald Trump says, you must look at the policies. Biden’s policies are disastrous. At Friday’s post-debate Virginia rally, as reported by Fox News, former President Trump stated, “The question every voter should be asking themselves today is not whether Joe Biden can survive a 90-minute debate performance, but whether America can survive four more years of crooked Joe Biden in the White House. … Remember the biggest problem for our country is not Joe Biden’s personal decline. It’s that Joe Biden’s policies are causing America’s decline at a level that we’ve never seen before. … That is why this November, the people of Virginia and the people of America are going to tell crooked Joe Biden, ‘You’re fired.'”

What will four more years of Joe Biden would look like?

Firstly, Biden has promised the greatest tax hike in U.S. history. The Tax Foundation states Biden’s 2025 budget will “reduce economic output,” “slash wages” and ” kill about 788,000 full-time” jobs. The House Budget Committee states, “Tax increase is part of Biden’s $7.3 trillion [bloated] budget plan … which includes an … ‘unprecedented $86.6 trillion in spending’ over 10 years … [resulting in the] largest debt in American history … $54 trillion by 2034.”

Secondly, Reuters reports Biden’s budget plan “also calls for an additional $104.3 billion in mandatory funding for the Internal Revenue Service on top of the $80 billion won by the tax agency in 2022.” I hope you enjoy audits.

Thirdly, you’ll watch Biden give amnesty to all his illegal immigrants, granting them citizenship so he can flip as many red states as possible to try to insure that Democrats dominate future politics.

Fourthly, you’ll watch Biden further decimate the oil and auto industry with farcical climate change global warming, only mentioned during the summer’s hot weather.

Fifthly, you’ll watch DEI on steroids as even more of Biden’s Cabinet members, military leaders and ambassadors will be recognizable with their confusion of red lipstick and beard, while wearing a dress. With the fight to change gender on birth certificates, nightclubs are going to have to turn up the lights so the guys can make sure the “girls” they’re talking to don’t have 5 o’clock shadows.

Sixthly, you’ll watch the absolute destruction of women’s sports.

While there’s more domestically, there’s Biden’s dreadful plans for foreign policy as he puts more nuclear arms into NATO countries. The Telegraph reports the Biden administration is resurrecting Cold War era nuclear bases, planning the “deployment of more [nuclear] weapons in the coming years,” according to a Biden top national security council official. These are “battlefield” nuclear arms to be carried by our stealth fighter jets. If Biden thinks that nuclear exchanges will stay limited to the battlefield, he has more screws loose than we all thought. Of course, Russia will respond accordingly.

With Ukraine’s continual complaining about not having enough U.S. financial support, its leaders also want our sons and daughters fighting in Ukraine, according to the Kyiv Post. Biden likely will resume the draft and either send trainers or U.N. peacekeepers to Ukraine consisting of our sons and daughters. Things will escalate further, as we race toward Vietnam 2.0 with nuclear weapons, and our daughters on the battlefield.

Of course, inflation will stay high, gas prices will stay high, and then most likely, all of us with gas-powered cars will be paying a carbon tax every year at inspection time when are rulers check our mileage.

Jacked-up Joe, or no jacked-up Joe, I’m voting for Trump.

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