State Supreme Court: Roe v. Wade 'patently illogical'

Shocking decision declares unborn baby is 'a person'

Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee (Video screenshot)

Could a Mark Judge lawsuit
exonerate Kavanaugh?

Alleged accomplice has grounds for defamation after losing home, job


Bar Association gets complaint
against Blasey Ford's lawyers

Alleged to have concealed offer of interview in California


Dems' voter form features
preprinted citizenship affirmation

Document invites applicants to mail immediately


Yes, there really is a cryptocurrency future

Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains 'how easy it is to save the world' -- and help WND

Elizabeth Warren at a Warren campaign rally in Auburn, Massachusetts, Nov 2, 2012 (Wikipedia).

Protests demanding diversity
preceded Warren hiring

Demonstrators blocked dean's office insisting on 'woman of color'


Feds: No evidence voting systems compromised

'Currently, we do not have any evidence of a disruption of infrastructure'


University drops restrictions on pro-life speech

Old practice was to let students use 0.08% of campus

Bible dust read me

Survey: Evangelicals don't understand Christianity

53% say everyone sins but most people 'good' by nature


Jews as termites: From the Nazis to Farrakhan

Michael Brown zings Twitter for failing
to suspend Muslim leader's account