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U.S. town triples water bills for churches

'A thinly veiled property tax
on a tax-exempt entity'


School official accuses assault victim
of 'triggering' attacker

Tells pro-life activists not to press charges against 'caring, loving young woman'

California marijuana

Marijuana firm attacks church, loses badly

Lawsuit results in affirmation of congregation's right to use its building

bible page

Pro-sports star penalized $4M
for posting Bible verse

Christian athlete considers lawsuit after contract canceled over Instagram message


Newspaper to staff:
Use 'climate crisis' in stories

Term 'change' considered 'too passive and gentle'


Dog rescues baby
buried in field

Teen mom allegedly hid child
to conceal pregnancy


Supremes pass up chance
to have Christian school treated equally

City allowed to 'treat religious organizations worse than other entities'

Free speech-2

Mall sued for demanding $250
to hand out Gospel tract

Believes 'free speech is only free when it's spoken, not written'

Israeli flag

Student government banishes pro-Israel opinion

College asked to overrule viewpoint discrimination


Nostalgic for the old Sunday newspaper?

WND Weekly is it – plus ad-free review
of past 7 days

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