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Charlie Daniels: Marine confirms Hillary vetoed sending 250 fighters to Benghazi
Posted by WND Staff
'Benghazi ain't going away' ... Read more…
California tells ranch owners, 'Your land is our land'
Posted by WND Staff
This land was your land, but now it's our land.
And if you object, we have a harsh plan
To make you sorry you resisted.
This land's not yours anymore ... Read more…
Huge Turnout of 2nd Amendment Supporters as Legislature Pulls Gun Confiscation Bill
Posted by Joe Saunders, The Western Journal
A massive win for the Second Amendment in Virginia. Read more…
If Trump wins, 'f***ing cities burn,' Dem presidential campaign worker threatens
Posted by WND Staff
It looks like one political party is gearing up for catastrophe ... Read more…
Fisherman finds it on ocean floor, days later U.S. Navy pulls up
Posted by Jared Harris, The Western Journal
This fisherman was confused about what his nets pulled up -- until the U.S. Navy came steaming into his life. Read more…
Pelosi: Proof? Proof? We don't need no stinkin' proof
Posted by WND Staff
Barack Obama's CIA Director John Brennan famously declared citizens are innocent until they're accused of a crime. Now Nancy Pelosi is adding her twist to Democrats' ever-evolving view of American jurisprudence. This impeachment trial is going to be a farce ... Read more…
Trump issues fiery response as Pelosi names impeachment managers: 'The Speaker lied'
Posted by Joe Saunders, The Western Journal
'She failed and the naming of these managers does not change a single thing' ... Read more…
Triple crown: 3 federal agencies investigating Ilhan Omar for fraud
Posted by WND Staff
Why defraud one federal agency when you can defraud three? Accusations of sketchy behavior against the Minnesota Muslim congresswoman have finally caught the attention of officials and they want to know the truth ... Read more…
Warren's Hometown Paper Publishes Devastating Article
Posted by Jared Harris, The Western Journal
Warren may have thought her little stunt would send her skyrocketing in the polls.

It backfired so badly that even her h Read more…
Bernie organizer spills beans on Marxists and communists working for Sanders
Posted by WND Staff
Caught on undercover video: 'There are things that are more important than the rule of law in the United States' ... Read more…
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