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Mike Lindell unleashes on anti-Trump Republicans in bombshell interview
Posted by Joe Kovacs
This interview is explosive as the MyPillow guy unearths a lot of unnerving facts you will never hear in the national media. And yes, he names names! Read more…
Rush Limbaugh: 'I'm on thin ice saying this' about Biden
Posted by Joe Kovacs
'I'm making myself a target.' Read more…
Watch: Meghan McCain realizes she was wrong about Biden win, tells Dems to 'go to hell'
Posted by C. Douglas Golden, The Western Journal
She finally realizes she was used, and Meghan McCain is not happy.
Read more…
Judge says state plan allowing ballots without postmark was illegal
Posted by WND News Services
'This is a big win for the rule of law.' Read more…
Top Trump adviser thinks next step for former president is an obvious one
Posted by Jack Davis, The Western Journal
'You're going to see him emerge as ... ' Read more…
More evidence that November's election was stolen
Posted by Joseph Farah
When are we going to have an open inquiry on the stolen election? Must it wait for freedom of speech to make a comeback in the U.S.? Read more…
Bombshell Memo Declassified by Trump Reveals What FBI Did for His Opponent
Posted by C. Douglas Golden, The Western Journal
As far back as six years ago, it looks like the FBI had an inkling something fishy was going on. Read more…
The coup is failing
Posted by Craige McMillan
"I think we are going to see a divine response to what is in reality a coup against our Creator and His Laws." Read more…
Years-Old Statement Catches Pelosi in Big Hypocrisy
Posted by Joe Saunders, The Western Journal
Pelosi called the invasion an 'impressive show of democracy in action.' Read more…
Look at this list of brand-spanking-new lies by Joe Biden
Posted by Bob Unruh
These are not his old, well-documented whoppers. They're fresh from over the weekend. Read more…
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