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Actress: The Bathroom Habit You Need To Do Before Brushing Your Teeth
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"Eating this every morning changed my life" See how she starts her day feeling nourished and refreshed. Read more…
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Why the West is on fire (it's not climate change)
In the West, it's environmentalists vs. sane forest management. Read more…
Supreme Court fight is about life vs. death
Actually, the killing of pre-born life is not "women's health." Read more…
Ginsburg death sets up Trump nominee for 'vitriolic hearings'
'We are sailing in very dangerous waters' ... Read more…
Public schools across U.S. endorse Black Lives Matter, organize protests
'We have to have massive political education' ... Read more…
Secrecy requirement could see 100,000 ballots disqualified in just 1 state, Dem official says
'We are talking about the voting rights of our constituents' ... Read more…
Now broom-riding Pelosi wants to impeach, again?
"Politics viewed through the lens of pernicious Machiavellians like Pelosi is about fomenting emotions, feelings and hatred for propriety." Read more…
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