WND.com NEWS ALERT ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- High-school athletes banned from competition for their faith

Even as schools are bending over backwards to accommodate males who want to compete in sports as females, they're bending just as far the other way to discriminate against other athletes for their faith.

Some of this state's best sportsmen won't be competing in post-season tournaments simply because they belong to the wrong religion.

And there's such an easy fix ...https://www.wnd.com/2019/08/prep-athletics-group-sued-for-religious-discrimination/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLUS!

Bad news ... the mass shootings are going to continue.

More gun control will not reduce the body count.

The restraints have been removed -- deliberately by the left -- and the grace period is passed. https://www.wnd.com/2019/08/why-the-mass-shootings-will-continue/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUST READ NEWS: Attempt to dictate gender on corporate boards facing lawsuit https://www.wnd.com/?p=4756230 War College blasts military for not being 'environmentally conscious' https://www.wnd.com/?p=4756154 Preacher: 'Jews' killed Muhammad, toppled Ottomans https://www.wnd.com/?p=4756070 Atheists lose fight to censor cross from county seal https://www.wnd.com/?p=4756053 Arab village to get gay pride parade https://www.wnd.com/?p=4756350 Qatari commentator: Society must fight 'moral perversions' https://www.wnd.com/?p=4755676 Iranian general: Either we have security or nobody does https://www.wnd.com/?p=4754679 Quoting famed author James Baldwin gets prof in trouble https://www.wnd.com/?p=4755945 Read list of Communist goals, weep for our nation https://www.wnd.com/?p=4755871 Nostalgic for the old Sunday newspaper? https://www.wnd.com/?p=4724078 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Conspiracy theories erupt after Epstein's death Warren gun-control plan – higher taxes on firearms, bullets Universal scraps 'The Hunt' following gun-violence uproar Finnish company discovers how to make food from thin air https://www.wnd.com/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DAILY BLESSING Your daily dose of spiritual inspiration Today's Scripture reading from Book of Psalms https://www.wnd.com/?p=4129741 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOKE OF THE DAY ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TODAY'S POLL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEALS OF THE DAY: 1 day only! Radical discount on award-winning video Bible! Entire New Testament on video called 'masterpiece,' 'astounding,' 'blessed' https://www.wnd.com/2019/08/1-day-only-radical-discount-on-award-winning-video-bible/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------