To: All members of the Congress of the United States:

Whereas, we Americans are living through a time of war, an era even Pope Francis – referring to the growing barbarism and genocidal fury of Islamic jihadists and specifically ISIS – has called a "piecemeal World War III";

Whereas, the 9/11 terrorists were Muslim, as were the shoe and underwear bombers, the Fort Hood shooter, the Times Square bomber, the Boston Marathon bombers, the San Bernardino killers and virtually every other individual and group that has, in recent years, committed terror or attempted to commit terror against American citizens on our home soil;

Whereas, between 5 and 20 percent of Muslims worldwide reportedly support violent jihad, which means, statistically, that for every 20 Muslims the U.S. allows in, between one and four may align with Islamic terrorism;

Whereas, our current system is dangerously broken, giving Tashfeen Malik, the Muslim wife who helped her Muslim husband massacre 14 people in San Bernardino, a visa from the U.S. government officially permitting her to enter the United States last year;

Whereas, Tafsheen Malik also left a long trail of jihadist rants on social media that, due to political correctness, were overlooked by the U.S. consular officials who granted her visa;

Whereas, despite widespread insistence that Donald Trump's call for a temporary pause in Muslim immigration is illegal and unconstitutional, the exact opposite is true, with the U.S. Supreme Court stating in 1977 that "the power to expel or exclude aliens [is] a fundamental sovereign attribute exercised by the government’s political departments largely immune from judicial control";

Whereas, a landmark 1952 federal law, the McCarran-Walter Immigration Act, makes this right crystal clear, stating: "Whenever the president finds that the entry of any aliens, or of any class of aliens, into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants";

Whereas, throughout the Cold War, McCarran-Walter was used to keep out aliens who were members or "fellow travelers" of the Communist Party or members of "Communist front" organizations, and in 1980, President Jimmy Carter used the same law during the Iran hostage crisis to suspend visas to anyone who wanted to come to the U.S. from Iran;

Whereas, Islamic terrorists openly boast of exploiting America's perversely liberal immigration and refugee policies to come to this country and kill us – indeed are already doing so, causing widespread death and suffering, anxiety and concern throughout the nation;

Whereas, as Harvard’s late Samuel Huntington predicted and many other scholars today concur, a "clash of civilizations" is indeed emerging between the West and the Islamic world, prompting the obvious question: In light of this growing conflict, how many more millions of devout Muslims – who pray for the coming of a day when Shariah is universal and the infidels (everyone else) are converted, subjugated or slaughtered – do Americans want in their country?

Whereas, much of Europe is having bitter second thoughts about having thrown open their doors to immigrants and refugees from the Islamic world, who have formed large unassimilated clusters, enclaves and "no-go zones" inside their host countries, which in turn are breeding terrorists and terror cells, as the Friday the 13th Paris attacks proved;

Whereas, respected CNBC economist Larry Kudlow crystalizes the views of millions of good Americans when he writes: "This is not my usual position. But this is a war. Therefore I have come to believe there should be no immigration or visa waivers until America adopts a completely new system to stop radical Islamic terrorists from entering the country. A wartime lockdown";

Whereas, to quote Patrick J. Buchanan, "a pause, a timeout on immigration from Muslim countries, until we fix the problem, would seem to be simple common sense."

Whereas, since Donald Trump called for a pause in Muslim immigration, multiple alternative plans have emerged to accomplish much the same end – from Sen. Rand Paul's measure to halt immigration from 34 Islamic nations, to mounting calls to pause ALL immigration into the U.S.;

Whereas, Trump’s polling surge in the aftermath of his call for a temporary halt in Muslim immigration suggests that, despite loud denunciations by the "mainstream media" and the Washington establishment including both political parties, a large part of America agrees that our current leadership is taking America down a path to national suicide through its incredibly reckless and perverse immigration policies:


Therefore, we urge the Congress of the United States to temporarily put a halt to the massive importation of foreign-born Muslims that has characterized the Obama administration for seven years. America was founded on the fundamental principle that "We The People," through our elected representatives, have the unalienable right to pick and choose whom we shall allow to enter our great country. The Constitution, which our Founding Fathers bequeathed "to ourselves and our posterity," does not extend its rights and benefits to the rest of the world. As poll after poll proves, Americans do NOT want open borders and wanton mass immigration. We want our borders secured and – through whatever means is most workable – a moratorium imposed on Muslim immigration until we fix a system that is not only utterly broken, but endangers American citizens and, indeed, the safety and security of the entire nation.


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