To: All branches of government, federal, state and local; the news media; the nation's schools; and all private and public corporations as well as all other entities and individuals currently engaged with so-called transgender issues:

Whereas, with ISIS threatening nuclear attacks in the American homeland, with scandalously open borders allowing millions of illegal immigrants to enter and commit crimes and permanently alter American society, and with other real and pressing problems, America is currently being ripped apart over the issue of ... bathrooms;

Whereas, the Target Corporation, America's second-largest discount chain, is caught between plummeting stock values after 1.2 million Americans publicly pledged to stop shopping there, and the powerful, intimidating and litigious LGBT movement, over the retail giant's bathroom policies;

Whereas, the state of North Carolina is being threatened with ruination – by federal lawsuits, by the withholding of government funds, and by the loss of private business engagement in the state – all because the state's elected representatives, including Gov. Pat McCrory, overwhelmingly object to what amounts to mandating that grown men be allowed to use the girls' bathroom in that state;

Whereas, from time immemorial, virtually every mental health professional in the world has explicitly understood that a person's obsession with the idea that he or she is actually the opposite gender to what they really are constitutes – as Fox News' psychiatrist Keith Ablow put it – "a psychotic delusion," similar to the delusion experienced by a dangerously skinny anorexic girl who strongly believes she is fat;

Whereas, Ablow, warning of the dangers of the current "transgender bathroom" obsession, writes: "I don’t see anything but toxicity from the notion of a person with female anatomy feeling free to use the urinal in the boys’ restroom while a boy stands next to her and uses one, too."

Whereas, the American Psychiatric Association was pressured by LGBT activists and "researchers" to de-pathologize "gender identity disorder" in 2012;

Whereas, the former head of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Nicholas Cummings – who himself is pro-gay rights – nevertheless publicly complains that his organization's positions have become based on "political stances" that "override any scientific results" and that "the gay rights movement sort of captured the APA";

Whereas, the former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital and current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry there, Paul R. McHugh, M.D., confirms that transgenderism is indeed a "mental disorder," and that since every cell in a man's body is permanently coded "male" with Y chromosomes, making it "biologically impossible" to change the sex one was born with, therefore those advocating "sexual reassignment surgery" are literally promoting mental illness;

Whereas, the transgender mania currently sweeping the nation is affecting countless children, whose parents are sending them off to special transgender camps to help them with their "transitioning" to the opposite sex, even though, as McHugh reveals: "When children who reported transgender feelings were tracked without medical or surgical treatment at both Vanderbilt University and London's Portman Clinic, 70 to 80 percent of them spontaneously lost those feelings";

Whereas, transgendered people, who often amputate healthy body parts and have a tragic 41 percent attempted suicide rate, have serious mental health issues and need society's help – but not its pretense – and likewise, forcing Americans, under financial, legal or other threat, to pretend something is "normal" which they themselves can see is obviously abnormal, itself constitutes a serious assault on their very sanity and wellbeing;

Whereas, the Obama administration's Department of Education actually ordered a suburban Chicago school to allow a boy who thinks he's a girl into the girls’ locker room, whether or not the girls or their parents liked it – a decision that is not only dangerous, but arguably insane;

Whereas, America under sway of the political and cultural left – which includes the ever-expanding lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender movement – is experiencing an ongoing attack on the very sanity of its citizens, a trend that must stop if America is to survive as the prosperous, free, moral and God-blessed nation bequeathed to the current generation by the country's founders:


Therefore, encouraged by the beginnings of a possible counterrevolution of decency, common sense and normality – whether it be the ongoing massive boycott of Target, or North Carolina's courageous stand against a bullying and overreaching Obama Justice Department – we add our names to this petition urging that reason and common sense would once again prevail in our great nation. America stands for equal rights for all people, but forcing Americans to celebrate a serious mental illness by participating in that delusion not only causes real trauma and confusion for millions of innocent Americans, especially children, but poses a very real danger to them of criminal assault. Enough is enough!