If pigs could fly …

By Paul Sperry

WASHINGTON – Pigs, hogs, swine, porkers, barrows, trotters. When Americans aren’t eating them – hot dogs, bologna, spareribs, pig’s knuckles, ham, bacon, pork chops – they’re adoring them on TV or the big screen. Hollywood has transformed the stinky, snorty critters into lovable pink-bellied icons known affectionately to all of us as “Porky Pig,” “Arnold” or “Babe.”

In short, most Americans love pigs.

But to Muslims, they are just stinky, snorty critters, the quintessence of uncleanliness.

Indeed, Muslims are forbidden to eat pork by the Koran, their holy book. To knowingly eat pork is to commit an act of sin which could jeopardize their ascension to Paradise.

It’s not just meat they have to be careful about eating. They also have to check that cheeses and yogurts – even cake frosting – don’t contain “unclean” byproducts such as pork lard.

When traveling on American jetliners, orthodox Muslims typically order vegetarian meals to avoid the chance encounter with one of Arnold Ziffel’s relatives. On Arabic airliners, they ask for a “blessed” meat called halal. Such non-pork meat has been drained of blood during the slaughtering and butchering process. The Koran forbids the consumption of animal blood (which makes pig’s blood virtually radioactive, an observation our military might find useful, as I’ll explain further on).

So averse to pigs are Islamic fundamentalists, that even coming in contact with them – or any part of them, such as their hide – means defiling themselves. It’s not a sin to touch, say, a pigskin football, but if they do, they are advised to wash their hands immediately.

Pig-fat products are on the list of items Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban militia has declared to be against the sharia, the ruling clerics’ interpretation of Islamic law.

So, you see, pigs are to Islamic terrorists – such as Osama bin Laden and his henchmen – what kryptonite is to Superman, or what garlic is to Dracula.

Take Mohamed Atta, for example.

The suspected ringleader of the Sept. 11 hijackers was so careful not to eat pork fat that he scraped the frosting from cakes. Here was a man more afraid of eating a hint of pork in a dessert than flying a jet full speed into a skyscraper.

See where I’m going with this?

Few in Washington want to admit it, but these Islamic fanatics have baited us into a holy war. And like it or not, we’ll have to use their religion against them to win.

Psychological warfare

U.S. forces should start by dropping leaflets over Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, warning residents, in their native Persian tongue, that we’ve enlisted Afghani moles to contaminate their water supplies with pig’s blood.

The propaganda would also warn that American soldiers have greased their bullets with pork fat. We could tell them, while we’re at it, that we’ve ordered special pigskin-lined fatigues for this mission.

At night, we could bombard bin Laden’s camps with recordings of hog-snorting. If he and his fellow terrorists won’t come out of their caves, send pen-loads of trotters in to nuzzle them.

Can’t find bin Laden? Force-feed Taliban clerics pork rinds until they give up his location. If that doesn’t work, air-lift pigs into their homes.

In the meantime, airlines could reupholster plane seats with pigskin, and cover cockpit yokes with the “unclean” hide to repel future Islamic hijackers. For insurance, serve passengers bacon bits instead of peanuts.

If their religion is driving them to hate Americans, and rewarding them to kill our people, then it’s hardly indecent to use their faith against them to protect us.

Hit them where it hurts. They hit us where it hurts – and they’re already planning to do it again.

They’re not afraid of death. However, they are afraid of pigs. Send in the porkers, lock them out of Paradise, and watch them surrender.

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