Planned Parenthood

Abortion chiefs face grilling
over baby body parts trade

Planned Parenthood execs facing depositions in claims against undercover investigator

The United States Supreme Court

Supremes handed opportunity to fix abortion law

'Method involves tearing apart what was until then a living unborn child'

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif.

Disabled vet charges Kamala Harris
prefers illegal aliens

Says then-AG in California refused to accept his stolen ID case


Mike Pence condemns 'deeply offensive' reaction
to wife's employment

Gay-rights activists target school's requirement of Christian behavior


Trump admin expands grounding of government jets

Says no congressional use until shutdown finished

Franklin Graham

Shutdown solution? How about trying prayer?

Franklin Graham calls on Congress to meet with president


Trump stands up for union jobs,
Dems shut them down

Exclusive: Curtis Ellis says party now favors globalist giants over 'the little guy'


Donald Trump: Mirror image of JFK

Exclusive: Craige McMillan notes both men
wanted hardworking Americans to succeed

Palestinian flags

Terrorists who murdered Israeli couple
getting new home

Palestinian Authority announces rebuild plans

Palestinian flag

Radicals charge new supermarket 'is treason'

North Jerusalem company known for hiring both Palestinians, Israelis