U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. (video screenshot)

Alexandria 'Idiot' Cortez too hot for online sale

Payment processor bans clothing
mocking AOC

President Donald Trump (WhiteHouse.gov video)

Media being fed 'total B.S.'
in multimillion-dollar stealth campaign

'Dummkopf, sponge reporters take it for gospel what these people say'


Snagged in net: 'Unprecedented' censorship online

Telecoms block websites after mosque attack

The United States Border Patrol in the Algodones Dunes, California (Photo: Department of Homeland Security)

Border Patrol releasing migrants
as detention centers full

'This is not something they've done before'

Joy Villa in a dress that says "F*** Planned Parenthood" (Facebook)

Joy Villa's hot new dress: F*** Planned Parenthood

Singer grabs spotlight at premiere
of pro-life film 'Unplanned'

Alan Krueger (Courtesy Princeton University)

Obama's top economic adviser kills himself,
says family

Alan Krueger also served under President Clinton

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, was one of two men arrested at a compound near Amalia, NM. Police are still searching for his 3-year-old son, who Wahhaj allegedly took from the boy's mother in Georgia.

'Muslim terrorists' in New Mexico tied to Democrats

New indictment alleges violent plots against government, military

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

Use wrong pronoun, get investigated by police

'This potentially constitutes a criminal offense. Let that sink in'

President Trump (Courtesy Marc Nozell)

Muslim columnist: Trump 'beloved' in Islamic world

Frequent Middle East visitor stuns CNN interviewer


Democrat for president wants to end circumcision

Intends to make stance 'public policy'