Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi still living 'like a prisoner,'
warns ministry

Christian acquitted of blasphemy still under threat by Muslim radicals


Worldwide campaign honors Muslim cop
who died saving Christians

Officer killed defusing terrorist bomb at Egyptian church


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Gifts under Christmas tree

grinchy ANTI-CHRISTMAS principal
now has coal in her stocking

Also banished candy canes, holiday music and colors from her school


Feds working on machines
to replace all kinds of analysts

'How do you create [software] for recognizing a cold war?'


Supremes warned judges
not following the rules

Land use statute clear, but courts constantly adding conditions

Full moon over Jerusalem, Israel

Rare sapphires discovered in Israel

Gem found in mountains has sparked end times discussion

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

EU court orders Turkey
to follow human-rights treaty

Islamist nation caught acting on prejudice against Christians


City council bans new churches from downtown

Dispute could end up in court

Planned Parenthood

Abortion chiefs face grilling
over baby body parts trade

Planned Parenthood execs facing depositions in claims against undercover investigator