Pretending terrorism is America's fault –
and Muslims the 'real victims'

How progressivism, Islamic supremacism have joined forces to seduce, devour the West

Gisele Bündchen (Photo by Tiago Chediak via Flickr)

Witchy woman:
The Tom Brady Spell

Is Gisele his supernatural connection?


Are charismatics more likely to commit sexual sin?

Michael Brown cites 5 reasons gifted ministers are susceptible to wrongdoing


1965 Life Magazine
showed life begins
at conception

Justices should have known
before they ruled for death in Roe

Flag and Constitution

Vet sues for being arrested
with bug spray, light bulbs

Claims 4th Amendment rights violated by security crackdown

baby feet

Mom gives birth, then claims she's actually father

Demands government recognize child as 1st without 'legal mother'


Government posters calling
Christians 'bigots' taken down

Message: 'We don't want your religious hate on our buses'


Nostalgic for the old Sunday newspaper?

WND Weekly is it – plus ad-free review
of past 7 days

Israel 600x300

Faith comes by
experiencing Israel

Exclusive: Joseph Farah knows first-hand how apostles felt on Sea of Galilee