Kenneth Starr testifies in November 1998

Ken Starr strikes again -- with Kavanaugh

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7 top threats Christian churches
in America face today

From taxes to zoning, from private information to paying for abortion


Biology profs refuse to say when life begins

Insist question is 'political, not scientific'

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

Now you can't even TALK about vaping

State censors 'truthful information' about legal products


$5 billion for wall 'a waste'?
Taxpayer burden 31 times greater

Democrat claim refuted by cost of illegal immigration

Joshua Trump

Boy dumps last name 'Trump' after fierce bullying

Classmates 'curse at him, they call him an idiot, they call him stupid'

Michael Cohen

Gov't indicts ham sandwich, Cohen pleads guilty

Ann Coulter explains how lawyer admitted to doing something that's not even a crime

Franklin Graham

'Deception from the Evil One'

Franklin Graham blasts firing of teacher over preferred trans pronoun

Cherif Chekatt

Christmas-market shooter shouted
'Allahu Akbar!'

29-year-old of Moroccan origin
escaped police dragnet