A Navy Super Hornet receives fuel from an Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker over Afghanistan, Dec. 7, 2017. Navy Super Hornets conducted a series of precision airstrikes against six Taliban narcotic targets in Helmand province. Air Force photo by Jeff Parkinson

U.S. Navy shoots down Iranian drone

Trump announced situation was 'latest of many provocative and hostile actions'

Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal: Driven to blackface
by anti-white racism

Ilana Mercer blames woman's parents for her need to identify as a more colorful race


Congress warned Google can sway vote to Dems

Harvard-trained researcher shows how search engine favored Hillary


8 'free health care' promises
that are pandering propaganda

Exclusive: Marilyn Singleton, M.D., says Americans truly 'want to govern their own lives'


Oh man! Berkeley bans 'male-centric' words

'Inclusive' municipal code dumps 'manhole,' 'manmade'

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., questions special envoy Elliott Abrams at a House Foreign Relations Committee hearing Feb. 13, 2019 (Screenshot CSpan)

Omar, Tlaib sponsor resolution against Israel

Likens Jewish state to Nazis, Imperialist Japan, USSR

Victoria Nuland

Emails show Obama officials called meeting
over 'Russian matter'

Judicial Watch reveals more details about weaponization of U.S. intel


AOC: Trump's words putting 'millions' in danger

'Anyone' could become victim in 'volatile environment'


New AP Stylebook change triggers warning

'Shouldn't start encouraging one opinion over the other'


Chaplain launches war on 'darker' spirits in House

Prays for 'petty divisiveness' to be cast out

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