YouTube personality Tommy Sotomayor says a Hooters waitress denied him service because of his support for President Trump (Screenshot YouTube)

Waitress at popular chain
refuses to serve Trump supporter

'MAGA' hat sparks incident at restaurant

"At least I'm not Jewish" shirt sold on

'Hot-trending' shirt: 'At least I'm not Jewish'

'How long before Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar wear this into the House chambers?'

A video shows Covington High School students dressed in all black for a basketball game (Screenshot YouTube)

Media won't drop 'racist
Catholic schoolboy' narrative

Finds old video to make dubious 'blackface' claim


Facebook, Twitter can still stalk you
if you delete account

'There's no place to hide on a social network'

Senate hearing June 28, 2016 (Screenshot Senate Judiciary Committee video).

Ex-DHS agent: Here's how to stop
illegal-alien murder sprees

Phillip Haney, Chris Gaubatz to address sovereignty, border crisis

Jeff Bezos (video screenshot)

Corsi adds Jeff Bezos
to Mueller extortion lawsuit

'Will be held legally accountable for their despicable and illegal acts'


Supremes warn over 'troubling' view of free speech

Justices don't take up case of high-school coach fired for prayer, for now

Mural at the University of Notre Dame depicting Columbus in America

Christopher Columbus cover-up at Notre Dame

University reacts to criticism of murals depicting explorer

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears on the ABC TV show "The View" June 29, 2018 (Screenshot)

Ocasio-Cortez: World ending in 12 years

'If we don't address climate change'


Supremes allow enforcement of military trans-ban

Trump working to return historic standard to ranks