Liberals outnumber conservatives in just 6 states

Gallup survey shows America leans right


'Grotesque putsch' against Trump now in 'collapse'

Conrad Black: 'America has survived the greatest constitutional crisis since the Civil War'


College told to explain its ban
on 2nd Amendment sign

Student group used banner to recruit fellow students


Zuckerberg's 'obfuscatese' means
more support for blasphemy laws

'Facebook CEO now appears to be more intent on censorship than ever'


Privacy group urges feds
to force Google to dump Nest

Had warned FTC of privacy concerns even before hidden camera scandal

Members of Venezueala's indigenous Pemon tribe

In Venezuela, bows and arrows against tanks

1 killed in skirmish, indigenous tribe captures Maduro soldiers


HHS proposes rule to ensure Obamacare
offers abortion-free option

Some consumers barred from coverage 'in line with conscience'

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash.

James Dobson:
Sen. Murray telling
'outright lie'

Calls on Americans to urge Congress
to support born-alive bill


Nostalgic for the old Sunday newspaper?

WND Weekly is it – plus ad-free review
of past 7 days


Judge tosses criminal 'noise' complaint
against street preacher

Ordinance apparently doesn't cover 'human voice'