Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders

Surprise! Dems, GOP can't agree on media either

44-point gap regarding industry's 'watchdog role'

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his wife, Ashley, speak to Fox News' Martha MacCallum Sept. 24, 2018

Trump: Dems playing 'con game' with Kavanaugh

Nominee 'startled' by claims, wife and children 'devastated'

The Internal Revenue Service

IRS on undercover video:
Should have been harder on conservatives

'I don't give a s--- if that is a crime'


Rush Limbaugh: Democrats afflicted by
mental problem

They 'gravitate to the left because that's where psychological disorders primarily reside'


State gun plan blasted for having
'no public safety value'

Coalition organizes to oppose draconian restrictions on 2nd Amendment


Mega-pastor calls Old Testament
'outdated, obsolete'

But you'll never guess on what 'authority' Andy Stanley makes claim


Don't 'unhitch' from any part of Scripture

Exclusive: Joseph Farah emphasizes solid foundation of Old Testament


Google, Facebook 'to blame'
for government attention

'Abuse of the public trust has impacted users of all political stripes'


Planned Parenthood forces cancellation
of 'Gosnell' screening

Movie spotlights 'America's biggest serial killer'


Group that attacked Cruz founded by professor

Tweeted about teaching 'future dead cops,' assassinating Trump, Pence