TV Studio Camera Lens Close Up

Death spiral: Major news network
in ratings collapse

Food Network routinely surpasses infamous channel


Parents to Netflix: Why is this still on air?

Program linked 'to an increase in suicides among children'

Constitution Bible

Landlord sued for banning Bible study
in retirement center

Company's 'hostility to religious residents' violates 'federal law'


Ministries' economic impact
up to $4.8 trillion, study says

Believers 'improve their community and help the least fortunate'


'Hate' speech ban leaves 'free society destroyed'

If words that offend a group are outlawed, 'that group has absolute power'


Judge refuses state demand
to strike gun-law challenge

Washington initiative triggered claim of 2nd Amendment infringements


Expert: Historic timbers from Solomon's Temple may have become 'firewood'

Muslim Waqf sold beams carbon-dated
to 830 B.C. as scrap wood


Report: Facebook home to incitement against Jews

Posts include 'support for Nazi ideology, racial hatred and demonization'

John T. Earnest

Report documents synagogue shooter's
anti-Semitic rant

'Puppet braindead lemming normalfags' take Bible and 'grossly twist its meaning'


Spanish crime wave sparked by illegals, report says

Crossing southern border from Muslim-majority northern Africa

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1 day only! Radical discount on award-winning video Bible!

Entire New Testament on video called 'masterpiece,' 'astounding,' 'blessed'