Hollywood superstar blasts 'venom' of left

'No words of God, no words of love,
but a radical emotion of hate'

Oops! Omar, Tlaib hit stumbling block
in anti-Israel campaign

Palestinian leaders drop bombshell on American leftists

U.S. bosses rejecting job-seekers who like Trump

Those 'already in the workplace face substantial mockery'

Judge orders FBI to compile Steele communications

Authored 'dossier' that made wild claims about then-candidate Trump

Mueller accused of lying about 'Russian agent'

Investigators uncovering origins of collusion hoax

Jury awards anti-Planned Parenthood whistleblower $3 million

Had revealed high complication rate, falsified affidavits, incomplete abortions

Trump: Sue Google for trying to help Hillary win

Cites Clinton supporter's evidence of manipulation

Judicial Watch accuses senator
of acting like a lawyer

Had filed Supreme Court arguments while license was inactive

N.Y. Times rewrites history:
Chooses new date for America's birth

Limbaugh: 'There is no journalism anymore. There is no actual coverage of events'

Twitter runs Chinese regime ads
smearing Hong Kong protesters

Pro-democracy demonstrators cast as 'bands of thugs'

Deal of the Day

Be prepared for 'The Restitution of All Things'

Farah's 'masterpiece' focuses on 'Israel, Christians, and the End of the Age'