Fox News Studio (courtesy Fox News Channel)

Former Fox News anchor accosted at restaurant

'I came face to face with true evil'


U.S. music legend: Democrats have
'unholy quest for power'

'The same passion that cost Satan his place in heaven'

U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts (official photo)

Was there another reason John Roberts saved Obamacare?

'Case added a new dimension to a man who insisted he always decided cases on the law'


Lawmakers told to end 'nightmarish scene from Dark Ages'

Maryland abortion proposal 'nothing more than execution by torture'


Town demands faith groups
adhere to 'sexual orthodoxy'

LGBT 'nondiscrimination' ordinance makes churches 'public accommodation'


Judge excludes alibi testimony – now up to Supremes

Man convicted of murder denied right
to call witness who vouched for innocence

Bill of Rights

Atheists demand school censor
teachers' private speech

District advised 'to simply ignore this unfounded complaint'


Lawyer threatend with suspension
over 'diversity' mandate quits

'Law Society prescribing with the force of law what to say and what to think'


Coast Guard illegally lets private group
grant, deny licenses

Association exercising government authority over ship pilots demands $200,000 to join


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