Why Trump's right. It's all about the border now

Exclusive: Joseph Farah calls shutdown battle 'our last chance to save America'

Donald Trump speaking at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, in June 2016 (Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons)

Major magazine: Impeach Trump

'It's time for Congress to judge the president's fitness to serve'


Limbaugh: Dems now taking aim
at Trump supporters

'Those of you who voted for this, don't you ever do this again'

Shirley and Pat Boone

To a virtuous woman

Pat Boone eulogizes his wife of 65 years,
a lady of character, love, generosity


Trump shuts down
Pelosi's junket
to Brussels, Egypt,

Announces it would be better for her
to be negotiating over end of shutdown


Trump promises missile detection
'anywhere, anytime, anyplace'

Plans are for 'layer of sensors in space to more quickly detect' threats

Jesus Feast of the Tabernacles Sukkot

State worker fired for signing emails 'in Christ'

Loses lawsuit claiming violation of First Amendment rights

Enes Kanter

U.S. Muslim leaders silent about Turkey's threat
to NBA star

But they raised alarm
about Saudi journalist Khashoggi


Calling family 'family' sparks meltdown
for Google workers

'It's offensive, inappropriate, homophobic and wrong'

Valerie Jarrett and President Obama

Jarrett: Obama's favorite movies
had 'everyone dying'

'Night Stalker' writes about her friendship with president, family