A Chick-fil-A franchise in Stuart, Fla., was packed with patrons on Aug. 1, 2012. (WND photo / Joe Kovacs)

Chick-fil-A targeted for brand-new reason

Restaurant has 'higher calling than any political or cultural war'


Dobson rips 'thinly veiled death sentence
to 1st Amendment'

James Dobson hammers Equality Act as 'evil'

President Donald Trump (official White House photo)

DOJ: McGahn 'absolutely immune' from subpoena

Letter says ex-Trump adviser doesn't have to, and won't, appear before Congress


Shock poll: 95% say Islam not part of Germany

'Whoever lives here should adhere
to the Constitution'


It's time for California parents to defy the law

Michael Brown urges citizens to rise up against latest LGBT-friendly sex-ed

Muslim Brotherhood

Should Muslim Brotherhood be labeled
as terrorist?

U.S. consideration alarms Iranian officials


Will nationalism eclipse Europe in next week?

Pat Buchanan stresses power of populist parties prior to vote for EU Parliament


State AG charged with adopting
SPLC's extreme agenda

Accused of 'weaponizing' office by endorsing leftists' 'false' narrative

Joe Biden, right, and Barack Obama (Pixabay)

University won't acknowledge accusations against 'creepy' Biden

'Manhandling women in front of the cameras, including strangers and minors'

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

Lawmaker pushes unique solution
to stop drive-by shootings

'We need common-sense gun-control measures'

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