Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and the New Mexico compound where he was arrested with four other adults for allegedly training children in squalid living conditions to carry out school shootings (WSB-TV, Atlanta)

Judge releases Muslims
who 'trained school shooters'

Notorious imam's son asked brother to 'join him and become a martyr'

Omarosa Manigault Newman on NBC's "Meet the Press" Aug. 12, 2018 (screenshot)

Trump camp goes to war with Omarosa

Reportedly seeking millions of dollars for breaking non-disclosure

Michelle and Barack Obama (Twitter/Michelle Obama)

'Make Obama President Again' hits TV

Pro-Barack message gets less-than-subtle treatment

President Trump announces U.S. withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal on may 8, 2018 (Photo: Screenshot)

'I would murder him, for the people'

Secret Service probing antifa threats against Trump


The new No. 1 national crisis

Exclusive: Joseph Farah blasts Democrats eager to trash 1st Amendment

White House

Omarosa recording could be
'breach of a classified facility'

Penalty could be loss of clearance, or 'they could take legal action'

Testy Trump

USA Today column demands end of presidency

'We have a branch of government that stinks so bad'


Support for secession from U.S. growing

Strongest among Democrats, blacks

Rep. Keith Ellison

Woman accusing Ellison of abuse speaks out

'I know what I was going to go through'


Is God calling your heart to Israel? Listen!

Exclusive: Joseph Farah offers 2 exceptional opportunities to visit Holy Land