Constitution Bible

Landlord sued for banning Bible study
in retirement center

Company's 'hostility to religious residents' violates 'federal law'


Ministries' economic impact
up to $4.8 trillion, study says

Believers 'improve their community and help the least fortunate'


'Hate' speech ban leaves 'free society destroyed'

If words that offend a group are outlawed, 'that group has absolute power'


Judge refuses state demand
to strike gun-law challenge

Washington initiative triggered claim of 2nd Amendment infringements


Expert: Historic timbers from Solomon's Temple may have become 'firewood'

Muslim Waqf sold beams carbon-dated
to 830 B.C. as scrap wood


Report: Facebook home to incitement against Jews

Posts include 'support for Nazi ideology, racial hatred and demonization'

John T. Earnest

Report documents synagogue shooter's
anti-Semitic rant

'Puppet braindead lemming normalfags' take Bible and 'grossly twist its meaning'


Spanish crime wave sparked by illegals, report says

Crossing southern border from Muslim-majority northern Africa


Federal report lists email-preservation rules
Hillary ignored

'Records must be usable, unaltered, and reliably retrieved for years to come'

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.

State Department: We didn't OK Feinstein's meeting with Iranian minister

Senator claimed she had permission to dine with nuclear-deal negotiator

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Entire New Testament on video called 'masterpiece,' 'astounding,' 'blessed'