Sex education

New law lets parents veto schools' sex ed

Requires officials to notify them of curriculum, allow time to object


Air Force's new career path: cyber-war specialist

Training to focus on 'buffer overflow tactics, rootkits, tunneling'


America's classified secrets system 'unsustainable'

Agency that handles information urges switchover to digital systems


Congress considering regs for bots

Seeks to keep eye on fake humans on social media


Study: Rise in riches follows decline in 'religion'

Lone exception over decades is United States


Report: Extremist Muslim preachers losing clout

Interest drops after radical fatwas such as 1 'permitting necrophilia'


God's chosen people continue to be persecuted

Exclusive: Lt. Col. James Zumwalt on multiple calamities befalling Jews on same date


China adding 'significant capabilities'
to nuclear forces

Working to replace 'older, transportable, liquid-fuel, slow-launching missiles'

Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization? Congress considers

Promises 'uncompromising jihad, in which we seek the status of martyrs'

Lillian Green claims she was turned away after hours from a Portland, Oregon, vegan bakery owned by a same-sex married couple because she is black (YouTube screenshot)

Employees fired for denying black woman service after closing

White people at Portland bakery turned away for same reason