President Donald Trump (White House photo)

Trump's path to revolutionizing America's courts

Even far left 9th Circuit soon within reach

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

Doctors seek to cut out insurance companies

Say patients paying physicians directly better for all

Police lights

Broken taillight? Get slammed
to ground face-first

Motorist 'beaten and punched in the face and body more than 20 times'


State sued for suspending 2nd Amendment
for foster parents

Social services rules say they can't have functional weapons

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Twitter 'enforcing Islamic blasphemy law'

'It's just absolutely surreal'

Drought climate change global warming

Cleaner air could mean more global warming,
expert says

Aerosols in clouds credited for keeping some of the heat out

Planned Parenthood

Terrific news about America's abortion clinics!

Exclusive: Chuck Norris relates very personal story for those who value life

Boy child at cinema movie theater film popcorn

Corporate-boycott war
on pro-life movies

Facebook, Disney, Sony, Universal, NPR, Kickstarter run train on producers

Jerusalem at dusk, view from the Olive Mountain

Get a glimpse of the kingdom

Luxury Mediterranean cruise to ISRAEL, of course