Major decision on 'perverse' property seizures

Police 'threw his entire family out of his home'


Why we know Clarence Thomas was framed

Exclusive: Jack Cashill explains key timeline discrepancy in Anita Hill claim

Actor James Woods (Photo: Flickr/The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

James Woods smacks Republicans with P-word

Outspoken actor fed up with 'absolute anarchy' by 'savage' Democrats

Enduring Freedom

Ex-Obama adviser: Trump could take
U.S. military into Venezuela

Rahm Emanuel frets president would set up move as 'October surprise'

blaze, fire, flame background flames-blaze hell lake-of-fire gehenna

Franklin Graham scorches major paper
on 'reality' of hell

'If you die today, are you sure of your destination?'

While anti-border wall activists see a coming eco-apocalypse, some border wall proponents already see one in place as a result of unchecked illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration creating monster trash crisis

Arizona estimates 4 million pounds contaminate deserts annually

James O'Keefe

2 more 'Deep State' radicals
boast of undermining president

'There's a lot of talk about how we can like, resist from the inside'

Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee (Video screenshot)

Kavanaugh accuser won't testify
without investigation

Another purported witness denies her claim

Typewriter detailed macro closeup typing text Newsflash, large detail vintage press, TV, radio, internet mass media journalism metaphor, newspapers, magazines, broadcasting television journalist latest news flash concept studio shot, horizontal

Limbaugh: U.S. media in process
of 'literal death spiral'

Aligning with Democrats in 'desperate mission' to destroy Trump


Democrats vow massive tax hikes if they win

Already pushing $1 trillion per year increases