Rush Limbaugh: Don't fret
over 62% disapproval of president

Same poll shows GOP base solidly behind Trump

Journalist sues Tlaib for assault and battery

Complaint cites Muslim congresswoman's attack during 2018 campaign event

Greenland: Trump's MAGA idea!

Pat Buchanan notes the Danes have sold U.S. territory before

Trump considers ending
'ridiculous' anchor-baby policy

'We are looking at birthright citizenship very seriously'

'Criminal referrals' expected
to follow Horowitz report

Investigative reporter says only question is whether DOJ will charge

Another library 'drag queen' exposed as sex offender

'Miss Kitty Litter' read to children in Austin

Congressman: Islam fueling
anti-Israel bent in Democratic Party

Muslims 'have great animosity towards the Jewish faith'

Organ harvesting?
Omar's trip sponsor accused Israel

Posted screed claiming Middle East democracy stole Ukrainian kids

No to Green New Deal. Yes to Media New Deal!

Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains imminent threat to U.S. much worse than climate change

Harvest comes to Anaheim's Angel Stadium
for 30th year

Longest-running evangelistic outreach in U.S.

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