The Ten Commandments on display at the 13th annual Bible Marathon in Stuart, Fla. (WND photo / Joe Kovacs)

Mega-pastor: Ten Commandments
no longer applicable

Asserts Jesus gave one new law 'as a replacement for everything'

Dr. James Dobson

Dobson: If Christians don't vote,
1 thing will take over

'God help us if you and I fail to fulfill our moral responsibility'


Urgent reminder about 2018 midterms!

See if you can guess which party it's from ...

Women's March

I do not 'Believe Women'!

Exclusive: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson nails increasingly vicious attacks on good men

Jesus Feast of the Tabernacles Sukkot

Believe Jesus? Then take
Feast of Tabernacles to heart

Exclusive: Joseph Farah urges believers to celebrate joyous holy days


Law protecting Christianity
since 1690 to be reversed

New era: Street preachers who answer questions
with biblical verses routinely arrested


No sympathy for Palestinian-victim
narrative in Texas

Schools to keep teaching Arab rejection of Israel as cause of 'ongoing conflict'


Is God calling your heart to Israel? Listen!

Exclusive: Joseph Farah offers 2 exceptional opportunities to visit Holy Land


Want world-class, 4-day shooting instruction FREE?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah tells of crazy offer from chief of nation's best gun-training facility

Full moon over Jerusalem, Israel

Land sale to Jews sparks
arrests, criminal counts

Jerusalem's grand mufti has banned any 'illegal transfer' of property