Then-President Barack Obama and James Comey in the Rose Garden of the White House, June 21, 2013, as Obama announced Comey's nomination to succeed Robert Mueller as FBI director (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Dershowitz: Comey committed fraud on FISA court

Newly released warrants show crucial information withheld


U.K. Home Office claim: Christianity
not peaceful religion

Letter denying convert's bid for asylum also ridicules faith

Hillary Clinton

Still more classified emails
retrieved from Hillary's stash

Judicial Watch exposes another 756 pages she tried to 'delete or destroy'

Bernie Sanders feelin' 'the bern' (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

FEC asked to probe Sanders campaign

Accused of violating regulations by putting foreign national in advisory position


Hey, elites, we Americans don't want to be 'ruled'

Laura Hollis ID's 3 types of 'betters' who think they can tell the rest of us how to live


Transgender activist drops
'misgendering' complaint

Filed after interview when columnist called child by 'wrong' sex


New Zealand bookstore bans
Jordan Peterson bestseller

Following mosque attack still sells Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'

(Photo: Pinterest)

CNN contributor rebukes network
for 'Charlottesville lie'

No, Trump did not say neo-Nazis are 'fine people'

Political correctness

America 2050: Trouble with debt,
income gap, threats to workforce

Pew Research reveals population also expects terror attack as bad as 9/11


Judge cites 'climate change' in block of drilling

Rebukes Trump administration's energy agenda