The Saudi desert turned white with hailstones.

Lightning, accompanied by hail, set fire to a remote Australian landscape.

And pounding hail killed at least one person and livestock in Swaziland.

It all happened at about the same time, noted Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz at Breaking Israel News.

“Skeptics of the biblical account of the Ten Plagues will be chagrined to see shocking videos of a recent wave of hailstorms that struck simultaneously around the world in the most unlikely of places,” he wrote.

See video of hailstones in Saudi Arabia:

He noted the devastating effect of the hailstorm in southern Africa on cattle and the “unlikely meeting of the elemental opposites of fire and ice” witnessed by Australian farmers.

It all makes the “claims of a literal reading of the Bible more credible,” Berkowitz said.

The Saudi storm in the northern province of al-Jawf left behind flood and hail damage. In Swaziland, hail killed one person and at least 18 cattle. The fire and ice was reported in Australia’s Central Wheatbelt district.


“Fire and ice raining down on beast and man, mirroring the Biblical account of the Exodus. Prophecy predicts that the plagues of Egypt will reappear before the arrival of the Messiah. Could it be that is what we are witnessing?” Berkowitz asked.

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