Yes, the 2020 election was stolen

By WND Staff

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

Mentally travel back in time to a few days before the Nov. 3, 2020 election.

President Donald Trump was drawing massive overflow crowds to his daily rallies in cities across the nation, even holding five events in five different cities on the Sunday before Election Day. In every venue, the air was filled with thunderous chants of “Four more years,” “Trump! Trump! Trump!” and “USA! USA! USA!”

Indeed, Trump had made the USA energy-independent for the first time in 70 years, created more than 5 million jobs, reduced unemployment to below 4% and brought African-American unemployment to its lowest ever. He brought America’s southern border finally under control including construction of over 450 miles of border wall, cut taxes and burdensome regulations, raised household middleclass incomes and negotiated strong pro-American trade agreements in place of job-killing ones like NAFTA. Early in the COVID pandemic, he marshalled all the forces of government, the military and private business to join together to keep the mysterious new virus from overwhelming America’s hospitals, manufacturing needed ventilators, bringing military hospital ships to hard-hit areas, and launching “Operation Warp Speed” to develop a vaccine. Internationally, he stood up to China – something no other modern president has done – withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, destroyed the murderous ISIS caliphate, ratcheted down the nuclear threat from North Korea’s deranged dictator, moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to the capital Jerusalem, and brokered peace deals between Israel and five different Arab-Muslim countries, for which he was twice nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

All this while being attacked literally non-stop – including two corrupt impeachment trials – by Democrats, virtually the entire “mainstream media,” the powerful tech monopolies and the permanent “deep state,” particularly Washington’s scandalously weaponized federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

So, what about Trump’s challenger?

A shuffling, peevish and often confused Joe Biden attracted no more than 100 to 200 people to his pre-election rallies where he stumbled through short scripted speeches. His vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, selected entirely for being a woman of color (Biden had committed publicly to choosing a woman VP and said he’d prefer one of color), turned out to be so jarringly repellant, even to Democrats, that she dropped out of the presidential race during the primaries, winning zero electoral votes.

Yet Biden and Harris won the 2020 election.

Since taking office in January, they have enabled an unprecedented tidal wave of illegal aliens, many COVID-positive, to freely enter the U.S. They have presided over an explosion of violent crime from coast to coast directly caused by Democrat policies like “defunding the police,” releasing incarcerated violent offenders and refusing to prosecute rioters, arsonists and shoplifters. They’ve reversed Trump’s unemployment gains and energy self-sufficiency, seriously inflated the nation’s currency by creating trillions of new dollars to fund astronomically expensive socialist spending programs, and weaponized COVID-19 to keep Americans fearful, insecure, poor and dependent on government handouts. They are even forcing America’s children to wear masks all day at school, even though children face virtually zero risk from the virus, while masks cause proven harm, both physically and psychologically. Biden and Harris have prioritized recruiting transgenders into the military while mandating the nation’s armed forces be force-fed anti-American “critical race theory” to make them hate the country they’re sworn to defend. Internationally, Biden and Harris have projected shocking weakness to America’s adversaries, from China to Russia to Iran, all of which predictably are becoming ever bolder in threatening their neighbors – and the U.S.

In short, just six months into the Biden-Harris administration, America is writhing in the grip of a full-scale Marxist political and cultural revolution.

Question: Did America’s voters really want this?

How is it possible that the vast American middle class – long blessed as a bastion of common sense, decency, rugged independence and Judeo-Christian sensibilities in a dark and largely godless world – could choose the chaos, disintegration, fear and hopelessness ushered in by Joe Biden, over the previous administration that was unquestionably pro-American, pro-liberty, pro-growth and pro-life?

In short, was the 2020 election truly fair? Or was it rigged?

That’s the sensational question that is thoroughly explored and definitively answered in the new issue of WND’s acclaimed monthly Whistleblower magazine. It is titled “YES, THE 2020 ELECTION WAS STOLEN: How Big Tech, Big Media, lying Democrats, deep staters and vote fraudsters cheated Trump – and America.”

Highlights of “YES, THE 2020 ELECTION WAS STOLEN” include:

* “Anatomy of a stolen election” by David Kupelian

* “Why so many Trump backers believe 2020 was rigged,” in which Tucker Carlson highlights podcaster’s analysis of 4 years of nonstop lies, fraud and gaslighting

* “How we know Democrats rigged and stole the 2020 election: 10 questions Americans aren’t allowed to ask, let alone answer” by Wayne Allyn Root

* “The 2020 election: A spectacle of fraud, law-breaking, anomalies, ‘irregularities’ and cover-ups” by Bob Unruh, highlighting accusations, lawsuits, audits – and clear evidence the system failed the American people

* “Texas probing hundreds of election fraud cases”

* “Audit team reports 74,000-ballot discrepancy in Arizona county’s mail-in votes”

* “Shocker: Vote recount in 1 county had 60% error rate” by Bob Unruh

* “Google can turn an election without ‘vote fraud’” by Art Moore, on top Google researcher Robert Epstein, a Democrat, who warns of Big Tech’s dire “threat to democracy”

* “Big Tech could determine U.S. elections, huge majority believes: Only 10% said it’s ‘unlikely’ that Facebook could swing election results” by Bob Unruh

* “Twitter exec on hidden camera admits shutting down discussion of election fraud”

* “Why is Big Tech getting away with the Big Steal?” by Joseph Farah, who writes: “It’s not Russia that we need to worry about insofar as our free elections – it’s Google-Facebook and their adoring friends in China”

* “The Jan. 6 video cover-up” by Michelle Malkin, who asks: “Why don’t the feds release all 14,000 hours of surveillance footage they have?”

* “Jan. 6: A tool to justify government power grabs” by Laura Hollis, with a warning about the State’s “dangerous ability to spew unadulterated lies 24/7”

* “Proving the steal: Democrats are in a world of trouble, and they know it” by Wayne Allyn Root

* “The most important question about the 2020 election” by Dennis Prager, who asks: “Would Democrats deem it morally obligatory to cheat on behalf of Joe Biden?”

* “Stop the ‘perpetual election fraud’ bill, H.R. 1: Sen. Lindsey Graham calls it ‘the biggest power grab in the history of the country’” by Andy Schlafly

* “Trump identifies angriest American during electrifying speech at CPAC,” in which Trump channels Hillary Clinton plaintively asking, ‘Why didn’t you cheat for me? I could have been somebody!’” by Joe Kovacs

“This Whistleblower issue,” says bestselling author and Whistleblower Editor David Kupelian, “takes a 30,000-foot view and explores all of the components of what was in reality a rigged 2020 election – from actual conventional voter fraud, to Google’s turning an estimated 6 million ‘undecided’ voters to Biden, to social media and major news organizations and the ‘deep state’ all working together to suppress damning information about Joe Biden just before the election, to encouraging voter fraud under cover of COVID, to the Democrat-Media Complex’s  underlying message that voter fraud is morally permissible because ‘Trump is another Hitler’ – and lays out an overwhelmingly convincing case that the 2020 election was the most corrupt in generations.”

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