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What injustices did women who got tied up with Bill Clinton suffer? What kind of tactics were used against them? What really happened between Clinton and the many women whose names have hit the media in the last 15 years?

Those questions and more are answered in clear detail in Candice E. Jackson’s new book, “Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine,” which covers many of Clinton’s “womanizing” cases and explains why, with his wife eyeing the White House, we should still care about them.

Said Kathleen Willey: “Candice E. Jackson’s rendition of my story is the most accurate portrayal of my experience with Bill Clinton that has yet been published. I appreciate her painstaking attempt to express the true nightmare Bill and Hillary put me through.”

Added Juanita Broaddrick, whose story is told in an excerpt on WND: “Candice E. Jackson presents a complete chronological account of the events surrounding Bill Clinton’s violent assault on me. People need to remember this side of Clinton before writing him up as a hero for women.”

In a groundbreaking examination of the accounts of seven women, Jackson, who describes herself as a libertarian feminist, examines how the former president and his inner circle wielded vast power to discredit and destroy the former objects of his desire. Instead of passing moral judgment on Clinton, Jackson relies on extensive research and firsthand interviews to document the intimidation and harassment unleashed on these individuals.

Jackson, a victim of rape herself, uses her own experience to analyze that of Broaddrick and others.

She also presents a cogent rebuke of modern-day liberalism and explains why it enables men in high places to abuse their power.

States promotional material for “Their Lives”: “The pattern of threats, bribes, and coercion that this book uncovers reveals not only a cold-blooded willingness on the part of Clinton, his wife and their inner circle to maintain power at any cost, but it also exposes the undeniable connection between Clinton’s misogynist tendencies and his liberal agenda. ‘Their Lives’ is a wake-up call to women everywhere to re-evaluate this ruthless man and to come together to prevent Hillary Clinton, a willing partner in her husband’s attacks, from returning to the White House.”

Read Chapter 8 of Jackson’s expose.

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