California city asserts right
to search residence without warrant

'Putting your home on the market
should not mean mortgaging your constitutional rights'


EU residents facing loss of 'democratic process'

Analyst warns new plan would provide for total 'federalization'


Christian filmmakers give notice
to court: Stop censorship

Fighting orders they promote same-sex 'marriage'

hell lake of fire gehenna flame fire water reflection

Why does Jesus say to
'shake the dust off your feet'?

Intriguing phrase from Bible gets clear explanation

Wyoming pond-2

Property-rights advocates to Trump:
Restore Americans' land rights

111-year-old law is locking up West, killing jobs, devastating local communities

Antifa at war

Antifa revealed!
Free exposé of alt-left

WND Special Report now available for download

Coalition-supported Iraqi Kurds helped run ISIS out of northern Iraq (Photo: U.S. Department of Defense)

Uh-oh! With ISIS expelled,
militias clash in new Iraq conflict

Lt. Gen. McInerney: 'We've got to get our hands on it quickly and not let it get out of control'


G7 ministers creating
worldwide 'terrorist directory'

'Our enemies are moving at the speed of a tweet'

Anita and Hella

At 90, Holocaust survivor
still fighting for faith

You can join in, by helping WND make 'Trapped in Hitler's Hell'


Marines look to 3D printer for instant repairs on gear

Plan to eliminate wait
for replacement components