Heckler calls Obama 'anti-Christ'

President: 'I've met that guy before. He needs to update his material'

Charl Van Wyk

Man who 'shot back'
warns America about gun limits

'Massacres happen when 1 group, normally the government, is armed'


Congresswoman sees 'threat' in Constitution

But House sergeant-at-arms says gun expert's
comment presented 'no specific danger'


Hamas murders 25 Palestinians, blames Israel

Used cease-fire to execute suspected collaborators during 'humanitarian' truce


Levin shreds Fox News
for employing Karl Rove

'Your establishment candidates never had to fight in a Republican primary'

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Putin's plan to defy world

Has tools needed to avoid more sanctions


Déjà vu: Illegals surged
when Clinton curbed deportations

Current spike follows Obama's unilateral decision


'Bloody terrorists had more than 9,000 rockets'

Israeli general: Hamas shields itself with children, women, hospitals, mosques

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Couples Retreat" - Arrivals

Ron Paul targets 'deception, doublespeak'

New online community aims to coordinate 'liberty-minded'


'We do have heroes … Adm. Jeremiah Denton'

Vietnam War icon honored for service to country

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— Dorothy Landoll