Zebulum Lael James (Photo: Screenshot, KCTV-5)

Black student suspected of killing 'random' white women

But media ignore multiple-victim shooting in Jackson, Mississippi


PETA sued for kidnapping dog off porch, killing it

Livid family seeks $9 million for trespassing, emotional distress


Trump dangles lawyers at RNC
amid attack ads

GOP front-runner warns 'bad, bad decision' to allow campaign sabotage

Syrian refugees (Photo: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

'Staggering': 680,000 Muslims to U.S. under Obama

Green-card totals over 5 years enough to populate D.C.

The story of the Pilgrims meeting Native Americans is retold in 2015 in the TV movie "Saints & Strangers" (courtesy National Geographic Channels)

Media equating Syrian refugees with Pilgrims

Limbaugh: 'It's criminal the way these people have rewritten history'

Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley with his non-PC sign (Photo: Facebook, D and S Sign Company)

Sheriff posts 'most politically incorrect'
sign in U.S.

'It's time for the silent majority to stand up for our beliefs and not be ashamed'


Top 10 charity celebrity fundraisers of all time

Exclusive: Doug Wead lists those most effective in lending names to good cause


Why some call Thanksgiving
'National Day of Mourning'

Left's assault on holiday 'has nothing to do with Indians'

The White House suggests talking gun control around the Thanksgiving table.

Americans urged to talk gun control
at Thanksgiving table

Obama mouthpiece: No time like holiday dinner to tackle 'terror, NRA'


Hypocrisy: 'Islamophobia' activist
arrested with ISIS cell

With U.S. flag 'incendiary,' is it any wonder we're 'thankful for the Mafia?'