House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Dems fear Pelosi's 'San Francisco values'
sinking party

Colleague: 'Her time has come and gone'

Gay pride flag

Court affirms state's plan
to protect religious freedom

Law bans government punishment for those who adhere to biblical marriage


U.S. city installs
Shariah hotline for
'hate speech' snitches

Citizens encouraged to turn in their neighbors


'Allahu akbar!' Cop stabbed
in neck at Michigan airport

City's mayor calls attack 'significant security event'

Scene of the murder of a pregnant woman in Reutlingen, Germany

Why no one shouts 'Jesus is great' when they kill

Exclusive: Joseph Farah on continual excuse-making for Islam: 'I'm just sick of it'

The scene of the attack at the Finsbury Park Mosque in London June 18, 2017.

London attack lets Muslims argue
world is against them

Expert explains Islam's 'adversarial worldview'


Rush: Media, Democratic Party 'destroyed today'

'They feel complete and utter defeat, frustration, devastation'

Democrats are using the Resistance Summer theme

New warning: 'Resistance'
turning into American 'coup'

'An attempt to overturn November's election and forcibly remove a duly elected president'

Kim Jong-un

Huffington Post mocked American killed
by North Korea

'Your white male privilege is not universal'