Radio host Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh accuses critics of mass deception

'There are no potential customers here, just hardcore political activists'


Post-sentencing: D'Souza preparing film for 2016

'I've already turned the initial wheels in motion'


Obama nemesis Dinesh D'Souza
learns punishment

Can he continue political filmmaking and writing?


How my family survived the caliphate

David Kupelian tells harrowing story of Christians, jihadists and genocide


Christian TV personality launches new prophecy show

Will address topics 'others afraid to touch'


U.S. weapons for FSA 'ended up with ISIS'

Rebel commanders confirm Sen. Rand Paul's concerns


ISIS plan to destroy 10 million uncovered

'Call to arms for Muslims around world to kill American, Canadian, European citizens'


Officials call firing of Christian doctor
'very funny'

Joking inadvertently caught
by answering machine

House Speaker John Boehner holds comedienne Joy Behar in a headlock in the Hamptons

Boehner puts star in headlock:
'I'm Obama's best friend!'

'For a guy who cries a lot, he's physically quite strong'


Hillary, Panetta misleading
about arms to rebels?

Scheme may have prompted 2012 Benghazi attack

The series exposing Obama's background constitutes one of the most interesting and fascinating bodies of reporting I've ever found. The incredible information which Mr. Corsi has presented, and which I don't doubt, should be front-page news internationally, although we know the corrupt media will continue to sweep it under the rug.
— Al Potzman