Nancy Salem (Photo: Facebook)

U.S. preschool teacher urges: 'Kill some Jews'

'How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough. HAHAHAHA!'


Milo and the 'Stockholm Syndrome' of Sodom

Scott Lively explains how Yiannopoulos' recruitment into 'gay' life can be reversed


Reports: Hezbollah obtains
'game-changing' weaponry

'Vast supply of advanced, state-of-the art' machines delivered by Iran

News Media

James O'Keefe hints next big target CNN

Filmmaker to release 'WikiLeaks-style' media dump, MSNBC host laments 'dictator' Trump

Rioting engulfed the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, Monday night, just two days after President Trump highlighted the country's problems with migrants (Photo: Twitter)

U.S. 'within 10 years' of becoming Sweden
if Trump policies fail

'The more Muslims we bring in the more civil strife there will be'


Sudden shift in major media's war on Trump

News agencies adjust strategy since 'enemy of the people' remark


Majority of Americans fear U.S. headed
for major war

Poll: Sharp partisan differences on relationship with Russia


Iran threatens 'strong slap in the face' of U.S.

Revolutionary Guards kick off 3 days of rocket-tied military operations

Robert Rosebrock

Veteran facing prison for 6-inch U.S. flag on fence

'Will Sessions' DOJ continue wasting taxpayer dollars to criminally prosecute 74-year-old?'


The coming Trump Revolution

Exclusive: Joseph Farah notes 'the pendulum has just started its swing to the right'