Homeschool mom's
tire slashed
during testimony
to legislature

'Realized that the people opposing the bill were not going to play nice with us'


Judges rule public street, sidewalk aren't 'public'

Appeal accuses them of taking action to 'destabilize' 1st Amendment


Parents lose custody of minor teen
who wants to 'transition'

Judge rules girl should be allowed to receive testosterone therapy to identify as boy


Abortion businesses' dirty secrets
now posted online

'Checkmyclinic' reveals insider stories on clinics' violations of regs


Satisfaction with U.S. position in world
surges 13% under Trump

Poll: 55% say the world now rates America favorably


The president who plows through the gatekeepers

Most comprehensive compilation of Trump's 1st-year achievements

Nick Freitas

Pro-liberty candidate out to defeat big-government Republicanism

GOP hopeful for U.S. Senate pushes bold, unapologetic case for conservatism


Republicans help pass Medicaid expansion
after years of resisting

However, GOP delegate says 'this is going to prove to have been a very, very bad decision'

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Learn what's at stake in 2018 midterms

Arpaio, O'Keefe, Cain, Farah, maybe Trump, to be at Western Conservative Conference


Surging bread prices feed civil unrest

Mideast protests after officials eliminate subsidies,
allow market to set what people pay