Trump supporters (Photo: Twitter)

Trump's black support explodes
in biggest battleground state

Poll shows GOP nominee capturing growing percentage of African-American vote


Hillary speech: 'Hate groups'
taking over GOP under Trump

Says Republican nominee has promoted 'racist lie' after 'racist lie'

Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

The crazy, conspiratorial, paranoid world
of Hillary Clinton

Exclusive: Joseph Farah on how Democrat, media colluded to create 'new bogeyman'


Trump insider: Deleted Hillary emails
in WikiLeaks 'October surprise'

'Hacktivist' Julian Assange planning to derail Clinton campaign

Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin

1/3 of Abedin emails 100% redacted

Information on Clinton server too sensitive even for Congress


Hillary Clinton: Poster girl
for post-Christian America

Exclusive: Kent G. Bailey, Ph.D., on how nation became 'a society with no guilt or shame'

Ann Coulter (left) and Donald Trump (right)

Coulter scorches media: I'm not 'abandoning' Trump

'Unlike crazed, cult-like Hillary supporters, I've provided helpful criticism'


November election threatens 'Looming Disaster,'
warns former spy-chief

FREE! 'Riveting' e-book on Clinton-Trump matchup by top Marxist disinformation expert


Don't cry for Sweden, America

Scholar worries more over socialism in U.S.

Discarded teddy bear

Art exhibit on Christian genocide you'll never see

Exclusive: Marisa Martin asks why there is so little attention paid to faith martyrs