Video: Bannon reveals what makes him
'proudest' about Trump

'If you think they're going to give country back without fight, you're sadly mistaken'


Black students demand whites
be banned from their 'space'

Author warns 'we're only going to see more efforts like this'


Secret audio shows CNN's intent to deceive

'This wasn’t released until 2 weeks after. So can we say a newly released poll?'


Frightened Christians lose battle
over U.S. mega-mosque

Mayor was 'literally acting like a dictator'


Nearly 60 U.S. cities set to shower Trump
with patriotic support

'This is not about left or right. We are proud of our president and of our country'


Google launches AI tool
to flag online 'hate' speech

Slammed as now 'the biggest bully on the block'

Nancy Salem (Photo: Facebook)

U.S. preschool teacher urges: 'Kill some Jews'

'How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough. HAHAHAHA!'


CPAC organizer: Alt-right
'garden-variety left-wing fascists'

'They hate the Constitution, they hate free markets, they hate pluralism'

Anti-Trump protest at Wayne State University

First fake news,
now 'fake anger' at GOP

Sean Spicer calls out 'professional protesters' at Republican town halls

Children standing in line washing their hands in a primary school bathroom

Trump flushes Obama's school-bathroom mandate

Court 'held that the term 'sex' unambiguously refers to biological sex'