Hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters march outside DNC (Photo: Twitter)

Democrats open convention in mass chaos

Ex-RNC chairman: 'Inflamed' Sanders delegates mean major setback for Hillary


Hillary VP pick's dark ties to Islamists

Kaine wields influence as financial support flows from Muslim Brotherhood


Tim LaHaye, 'Left Behind' author, dies at 90

80 million books 'greater' impact on modern Christianity than anything except Bible


The mother lode: Dems unleash surprise arsenal

DNC puts racial divisions center stage
after accusing Republicans of exploiting Benghazi mother

Former Attorney General Eric Holder and Attorney General Loretta Lynch

'More than laughable':
'Murdered Mom' stonewaller honors another

Lynch presents award to Holder – both cover up killing by his cops

GOP front-runner Donald Trump and Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

Shocker! Look who Obama's brother is voting for

'Was probably treated badly by president – like everybody else!'


Refugee hacks pregnant woman
to death with machete

Hero driver hits attacker with BMW


Blacks are now Democrats' happy house slaves, says author

Kinchlow exposes truth
about party’s racist past


'Dodge my bullets!'
Church-massacre hero pushes self-defense

'How can we stand by and watch
the murder of the innocent?'


Jerusalem Sabbath highlight of 2016 Israel tour

'In some ways it's almost like being there in the days of Jesus'