The Wunderlich family, with Michael Farris of the HSLDA.

Homeschoolers defeat cops who used battering ram

Appeals court reverses decision that seized kids from family


NASA: Dangerous sunspot aligning with Earth

Powerful X-class solar flares can destroy U.S. electrical grid


Top name in Norway for males a surprise

Official: 'This is very exciting'

brown funeral

Preacher stuns with 'Michael Brown
is Jesus' rant

Sermon draws criticism in wake of Ferguson riots

Nurses in protective gear enter a Liberian village.

Experts warn Ebola outbreak 'out of control'

Report from field finds global response 'dangerously inadequate'

Will Hayden, star of "Sons of Guns"

Shock arrest: TV star
'raped daughter almost daily'

'Don't tell them nothing because I'm all you got'


Here's your ticket out of Common Core

Teaching standards called 'threat to personal liberty'


Court OKs 'heckler's veto' against Christians

Dismissed case tied to Arab-festival attack a 'blueprint' to stifle speech


Tea party reveals hottest
political issue of 2014

Tops economy, health care, federal debt, taxes, dissatisfaction with government

Was there a 'John Doe No. 2" in the truck with Timothy McVeigh?

Judge to FBI: Go probe yourself
on OKC bombing

Lawyer: Agency 'threatened witness' in case involving videotape

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