Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Failed coup in Turkey an end times marker?

Joel Richardson warns 'overtly Islamist sentiment' should worry world


Hillary's 'Stronger Together' theme
a joke, says 'Snapping' author

'What have the Democrats been doing for the last few years? Dividing everybody!'

Hillary Clinton

Hollywood has already voted for Hillary

TV shows, songs, children's books all promote her image


Obama nemesis opens anti-Hillary movie
on eve of Dem convention

‘They’ll put out their narrative, and we’ll put out our counter-narrative’

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter)

Virginia Supreme Court rules
on McAuliffe's felon-voting scheme

Clinton welcomed Democrat governor's order allowing 206,000 ex-cons to vote

The U.S. Supreme Court

'Judicial oligarchy' big threat to 2016 election

Warning: Voting 'will not matter' if system of governance remains upside down


'Amerigeddon' prompts poison scare
for Chuck Norris' son

Report: Now employing bodyguard while promoting movie


Tiny Christian school stuns
international competition

On 1st trip, Patrick Henry College captures World Human Rights Moot Court title


Who loved free trade, Abe Lincoln or Karl Marx?

Exclusive: Roger Simmermaker's Part 2 of how the practice is ruining America


Christian baker takes 'compulsion of speech' case
to Supremes

Masterpiece Cakeshop owner appeals Colorado demand he promote 'gay marriage'