Hillary Clinton as secretary of state

Hillary's State-sponsored graft racket exposed

Most official visitors paid Clinton Foundation to get access

Hillary Clinton

It's official: Hillary healthy because she can open jar of pickles!

Candidate tells talk host: 'Take my pulse … make sure I'm alive'

Doctor holding stethoscope

Obama's plan to change 'sex'
facing more headwinds

New rule causes 'massive new liability for thousands of health-care professionals'


Johns Hopkins shrinks warn
against kids going transgender

McHugh, Mayer: Little scientific evidence for 'born that way' theory


How skeptic turned demon hunter

Sometimes 'there's no explanation for something. It's supernatural'


Federal judge sets deadline
for huge Hillary email dump

Scandal now threatens to shadow Clinton for remainder of presidential campaign

Melania Trump (Photo: Twitter)

Melania Trump threatens to sue
news outlets over steamy rumor

'Statements are 100% false, highly damaging to her reputation and personally hurtful'

Jerusalem at night in CIA image

University official wants 'final solution'
for Zionists

Rhetoric goes overboard as Muslims also claim 'every centimeter' of Jerusalem


Hillary's top aide may be a Saudi plant

Bachmann: 'Advancing Shariah globally was the Abedin family business'


Hillary-supporting GOPers face loss of 'whole bunch of power'

Longtime adviser to U.S. ambassadors at U.N. explains why Republicans voting for Clinton