Laurence Key (mugshot)

Police: Dem activist threatens to murder congressman's children

'If you're going to separate kids at the border, I'm going to kill his kids'

President Trump

Trump signs order to keep families
together at border

President applies quick fix amid national outcry


'Cop-bashing' poster promoted
by candidate to be top cop

'Democrats have become so comfortable demonizing police officers'


TV weathercasters now push 'global warming'

'The more it gets talked about, the more it's normalized'


SPLC apology prompts dozens to consider lawsuits

Left-wing group revoked 'hate' label on Muslim activist


$40,000 fine for $200 drug offense

Lower court claimed Constitution allows states to take any amount they want

United Nations flags

U.S. pulling out of U.N. (at least part of it)

Becomes 2nd international group Trump administration has left

Hollywood-oscars-film-movies Way to success on the red carpet (Barrier rope)

Surprise! Top Hollywood star stands up for God

'You have a soul, be careful with it'


You don't get to use evidence, city says

State procedure under fire for restricting facts in legal fight

Flag of the United States of America on a marble texture

Christian culture warrior vying for governor

Race pits veteran pro-family activist against liberal incumbent