Congresswoman sees 'threat' in Constitution?

Gun-rights champion schools Democrat on 2nd Amendment


Hamas used cease-fire
to execute suspected collaborators

Killing of 25 Palestinians during 'humanitarian' truce blamed on Israel


Video: Grinning cops sued
for watching thieves walk away

Accused of violating 1st Amendment rights of victims

Hamas rockets have kept Israel under siege in recent days.

'Their God changes path of rockets in mid-air'

Terrorist said to marvel at Israel's supernatural protection

Bill and Hillary Clinton

New attention for Bill Clinton's 'Jane Doe No. 5'

Called 'credible,' allegation may play a political role in 2016

Danielle Watkins

Woman has sex with student 20 times

Teacher issues threat if boy broke off relations

Overholt (Photo: Facebook group, "Save the Nolichucky")

Elderly vet arrested
for asking officials to speak louder

76-year-old charged with disrupting a public meeting, resisting arrest


Border Patrol points gun at Boy Scout's head

Troop detained for taking photos as illegals flood southern U.S.

IRS Commissioner Koskinen Testifies on Missing Emails

IRS chief eviscerated in 'You lie!' moment

GOP lawmakers accuse agency of deliberate deceit to stage cover-up


Dems 'have mastered art
of character assassination'

Former Rep. Akin says Republicans need to stop cowering

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