Traffic jam

Major state to register illegal aliens
to vote – automatically

Court orders government to do so for all driver's licenses issued

President Trump (official White House photo)

Trump honors 'humanity of the unborn'

Issues declaration for 2018 National Sanctity of Human Life Day


Abortion: When worlds collide

David Kupelian reflects on cosmic madness of sanitized baby-killing
on Roe v Wade's 45th birthday


Here comes a 'super blue blood moon eclipse'

Biblical signs expert Mark Biltz explains what it could herald


Prophetic update: Is the Great Deception here?

Exclusive: Hal Lindsey warns 'the whole planet is in travail'

The U.S. Supreme Court

Twist: Christians use same-sex marriage ruling
to protect their rights

Cite 'religious identity' in suit against transgender agenda

(Image courtesy FBI)

Look who's suing to quash U.S. terrorist screening

Claims system stigmatizes targets without due process

Happy group of students smiling outdoors

Schools spark 'cool' trend:
Other S-word now all the rage

Professor: Popular resurgence' is proof of 'colossal failure in education'

President Trump and wife Melania (Photo: U.S. Embassy in France)

President at full speed
launching into 2nd year agenda

Now's good time to tell him what stock market,
religious rights, new international swagger, mean


Big List of 178 Trump accomplishments in 367 days

Most comprehensive compilation of 1st-year achievements