Traffic jam

Major state to register illegal aliens
to vote – automatically

Court orders government to do so for all driver's licenses issued


Study: Migrants have 'Medieval' views
of Jews, women, gays, non-Muslims

Academic survey of asylum seekers found 'deeply worrying attitudes'

Bible dust read me

Who is really
'the wicked one'
in the Bible?

Shocking Bible truths jump to spirit level
in stunning TV interview

Oprah Winfrey

Revealed: Dangerous spirituality
pushed by top Dem presidential contender

Sometimes, the most dangerous person is the one telling you what you want to hear

Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, 1964

Conference on winning 'America's new civil war'

WND's Kupelian joins Jesse Watters, Michele Bachman,
Michael Medved, Sam Sorbo, others, as speakers

Bible verse banner. Image courtesy Liberty Institute

School still attacking Bible-quoting cheerleaders

Texas district appeals 6-year-old case to state Supreme Court … again!


Now people going ga-ga over Temple of Mithras

600 visitors a day to restored home to ancient cult in London

President Trump and wife Melania (Photo: U.S. Embassy in France)

President at full speed
launching into 2nd year agenda

Now's good time to tell him what stock market,
religious rights, new international swagger, mean


'Church of Cannabis' pastor running for office

Members required to 'hold one and only one sacrament as sacred'


Big List of 178 Trump accomplishments in 365 days

Most comprehensive compilation of 1st-year achievements