Abortion chair

'Hostage' teen texts for help
in nightmare 'forced abortion'

Clinic manager prevents police from checking on girl's welfare

A long line of individuals walk across a field in Slovenia into Europe. (Credit: Screen shot from drone photograph, via the Telegraph video)

Governors not falling for Obama's ploy
on Muslim refugees

White House hiding destinations until migrants arrive in U.S. cities


Poll: This candidate is 'most likely
to cut you off in traffic'

Also surges above competition – for being least appealing


Jaw-dropping chances of your daughter being raped

Exclusive: Joseph Farah is flabbergasted over how colleges endanger freshman women


Trump's 'major endorsement' suddenly vanishes

If Hillary isn't elected, 'they won't be able to advance their big-government agenda'

U.S. Marines with 3rd Battalion, 5th Regiment and the Afghan National Army provide cover as they move out of a dangerous area after taking enemy sniper fire during a security patrol in Sangin, Afghanistan, in November 2010. During its seven-month deployment, the 3/5 sustained the highest casualty rate of any Marine unit during the Afghan war, losing 25 men. (Photo: Cpl. David R. Hernandez/U.S. Marine Corps)

'Fastest, most fit, most physical,
most lethal' soldier is 'a man'

'There is nothing gender biased about this, it is what it is'


3 ways 'climate change' models are dead wrong

Exclusive: E. Calvin Beisner, Ph.D., encourages consideration of empirical evidence


Obama fundraisers fret
over '1-man truth squad'

Cash-seeking email warns of influence of those who 'deny' global warming

Domenic and Annie Johansson

Government leaves family 'broken into a million pieces'

Court won't allow homeschooling parents to even see 'state-napped' son


Teenage thief makes amends – 10 years later

'I became a Christian not too long ago and wanted you to have these'