FISA judge now linked
to demoted anti-Trump FBI agent

Removed without explanation from case against Michael Flynn

Police tape

Broward training manual: Officers
'will immediately confront shooter'

Judicial Watch uncovers instructions governing Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting

"It's OK to be white" sign posted on door at University of Alberta

University: Looking at woman's ring finger banned

Just 1 of many 'microaggressions'
forbidden in list of crazy rules

Woman screams "No!" as Donald Trump is sworn in as president. (YouTube video screenshot)

Lawsuit ends requirement for 'trigger warnings'

University feared 'snowflakes' would be upset by seeing others' ideas


MIT scientist: Ranting senator
a 'moron' on global warming

'He believes the mythology initiated a generation ago by Al Gore'


'Faceless bureaucrats' trying to force
atheist chaplain on Navy

Candidate already had lost fight for position in courts


Peter Thiel: I'm leaving 'totalitarian' Silicon Valley

'One-party state where they are not allowed to have dissenting views'


Aid for nations opposing U.S.
at U.N. on cutting board

Part of program to assure international money goes only 'to America’s friends'

St. Patrick

Top 'o the mornin': The real story of St. Patrick

Bill Federer recounts inspirational life of famous saint

(Photo: Flickr/Mesa Tactical)

20 U.S. states with most guns per capita

No. 2 is a complete shocker! You might just fall off your chair ...