Action star Chuck Norris

Disaster! What 'froze' Chuck Norris?

Gang with bats, lead pipes, heavy chains attacks America's favorite tough guy


FEMA conducts pandemic training in NY, NJ

Exercise simulating global outbreak began last year


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on avoiding
Ebola – FREE!

Get WND special report
on protecting yourself
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Ex-Obama Secret Service agent
'on verge of huge upset'

Running for Congress in blue state against policies of old boss


Conservative trendsetter: We're winning

'Setting the tone, the agenda, the issues for the 2016 presidential election'


Candidate touts abortion
– with grandchild on his knee

Flyer blasted for appearing to promote 'death of his offspring'


Judge stays 'hands-off'
on reports of police misbehavior

'We are very concerned about the potential for mistreatment of our clients'


Hagel questions U.S. role
in 'new world order'

SecDef sees leadership shifting in 'historic, defining times'


Police: Temple Mount assassin 'acted alone'

Rabbi wants to restore Jewish worship on Dome of the Rock site

democrat republicans

Busted! Democrat senator's husband
steals GOP signs

Arrest warrant issued after brazen act caught on video