Planned Parenthood killing babies
outside the womb?

'There's prima facie evidence that there may be born-alive abortions going on'

Planned Parenthood spokeswoman

5th video: Planned Parenthood talks
'intact fetal cadavers'

Another exec caught discussing prices for bodies of unborn babies


Why did God order obliteration
of ancient Canaanites?

Bible scholars say dire warnings for America lie hidden in text


State calls Christian counseling 'harassment'

Veteran pastor dismissed, religious advice equated with sexual abuse

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh: Iran may release
4 Americans in secret deal

'It's kind of masterful, actually, when you stop and think of it'


Netanyahu: Iran building ICBMs 'to hit U.S.'

Rallies nuclear-deal opponents in webcast with American Jewish community


Trump teams with Cruz
to defund Planned Parenthood

Business mogul would shutter government to achieve goal


Student suspended for insulting Islam, Mexicans

'Trying to make me out to be the classic bigoted hateful white male'


Lesbian mayor who demanded sermons
now being sued

'One of the most vile, filthy, blatant violations of the Constitution'


'Gays' demand 'irreversible harm'
to Christian

'This is not about whether plaintiffs can obtain Kentucky marriage license'