State defends firing
for calling homosexuality 'sinful'

You won't believe what area has guts to boot you


Cruz: 'McConnell led effort
to keep Planned Parenthood funding'

GOP unable to rally 10 senators to keep taxpayer dollars from abortion provider


Now Planned Parenthood CEO
accused of slander

Tells ABC makers of undercover videos 'kill doctors, bomb clinics'


Federal judges say Roe v. Wade obsolete

Supreme Court called on to 're-evaluate its jurisprudence'

Bill and Hillary Clinton

Anatomy of Hillary's latest email lie

Exclusive: Dick Morris cites 2 motivations for Clinton's fib in response to IG referral


Ex-CIA officer: Obama admin framing
arms dealer

Contends he's taking fall for Hillary in weapons transfer to 'rebels'


Obama calls Huckabee 'ridiculous and sad'

President resorts to insults to defend Iran nuke deal


Obama: 'I'm the 1st Kenyan-American' president

Mocks trip to Kenya 'to look for my birth certificate'


Discover, celebrate Israel this fall – in person

Join Farah, Richardson, Furay, Cardoza-Moore on excursion of a lifetime