Romney won't run for president again

GOP's unsuccessful 2012 candidate steps aside


Secret emails to finally nail Obama
in major scandal?

GOP Senate demands all communications with IRS


2nd Amendment threatened
in Obama's trade plans

Like 'playing Russian roulette with 6 bullets in the chamber'


Admirals, generals: Pentagon tapes
indict Hillary

New revelations back damning conclusion of Benghazi commission

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges showed up for a meeting with Somali Muslims in a hijab in April of this year.

High school holds 'hijab day' for students

Promotion says Muslims would help girls exhibit 'modesty'


Communists join Reid war against Kochs

'Did you know the brothers are planning to spend
almost $1 billion on next year's presidential election?'


Death threats against
bold Egyptian president aired

Overthrew Muslim Brotherhood, called for reform of Islam

Loretta Lynch

Sen. Vitter: Loretta Lynch 'came up way short'

'You're certainly going to see
a significant number of no votes'


Dems charge GOP objection to Lynch racist

Critics of Justice abuse invited to testify at confirmation hearing


FBI veteran 'appalled'
at Holder's 'politicizing' of DOJ

Open letter slams AG for inflaming 'racial issues'