Did Washington Post really name this fall guy
for Russian election tampering?

'He chose not to interfere because most of administration
assumed Hillary Clinton would win'

(photo courtesy DonaldJTrump.com)

Drudge poll: 92% think Trump 'great' or 'good'

Follows special election 'referendums on Trump' sweep

Ferguson, Missouri, riots in 2014 after Michael Brown attacked officer Wilson and was shot

Ferguson's Michael Brown
to get Hollywood treatment

'This is promoting the 'thug life' as something positive and heroic'


Euthanasia pioneer alarmed
by what he unleashed

Law allowing depressed to kill themselves 'went off the tracks'

abortion protest at Choices clinic in Queens NYC 2017

State to 'do what it takes'
to end church's prolife ministry

Christians: 'We're there to advocate for the lives
of the babies being killed in the mothers' wombs'

English spoken here

Report: 63% of Hispanic immigrants
functionally illiterate in English

4 in 10 of all newcomers score 'below basic' on literacy test


NASA's new assignments:
Find aliens, prove evolution

And while the agency is at it, officials should 'search for life's origin'

Gay pride flag

Court protects Christian bakers
from demands they promote homosexuality

Appeals judges rule 'gays' don’t have standing to challenge Mississippi law

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Dems fear Pelosi's 'San Francisco values'
sinking party

Colleague: 'Her time has come and gone'


Who's who of nonprofits blast
reporting group for false 'hate' claims

Guidestar warned 'dehumanization' can 'foreseeably lead to violence'