Dr. Eric Walsh

Evidence mounts in
'fired-for-being-Christian' case

Attorneys: Officials canceled doctor's hiring 'because of the sermons he preached'


400,000 messages to House GOP: Lose Boehner

Americans unhappy with business as usual, demanding the change they voted for


Army finds silver bullet in fight against Taliban

Snipers could soon get new weapon making difficult 'kill' shots routine

Preschool (2)

Cops go ballistic on 'misbehaving' preschooler

4-year-old handcuffed, shackled, hauled off to sheriff's office

baer arrest

Judge blasts school board for 'silencing' citizen

Dismisses charges against parent who objected to explicit reading assignment


Governor implies parents
incapable of educating kids

Leading homeschool organization asks for apology


Rejuvenated Obama: 'I'm not done'

Fundraising email touts 'progress,' 'change,' promises much more

Former President Ronald Reagan

America 'almost impotent' under Obama

'None of these threats would have emanated
from these countries under the Reagan administration'


How Chi-coms censor American movies

Exclusive: Curtis Ellis explains why Hollywood producers mustn't cross Beijing