Hamas using GPS-guided mortars from Russia

Precision weapon deployed with devastating effect before cease-fire

Will Hayden, star of "Sons of Guns"

Shock arrest: TV star
'raped daughter almost daily'

'Don't tell them nothing because I'm all you got'


Now lawyers involved in 'Bless you' sneeze fight

'It is unlawful for a school official to kick
a student out of class' over traditional expression


Tea party reveals hottest
political issue of 2014

Tops economy, health care, federal debt, taxes, dissatisfaction with government

Was there a 'John Doe No. 2" in the truck with Timothy McVeigh?

Judge to FBI: Go probe yourself
on OKC bombing

Lawyer: Agency 'threatened witness' in case involving videotape


1,400 child sex-assault victims a 'small number'

'These represent millions who suffer under Islam – and the free world does nothing'


Black activists explode over 'racist' help for Ferguson cop

Notorious Obama aide demanding end to fundraising efforts


Airline suspends flights over Ebola fears

Decision comes after some employees refuse to board


As Obama drags heels, Canada turns to China

Moving forward with Asian-market pipeline as Keystone blocked


Satanic 'black mass' gets
green light from U.S. city

Concerns mount about 'dark powers that this invites into our community'

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