President Trump addresses the United Nations Sept. 19, 2017 (Video screenshot)

'America first': Trump heralds 'sovereignty'
in speech at U.N.

President threatens to destroy 'Rocketman' of N. Korea


Ex-Secret Service warns: Trump 'in genuine danger'

'Threats to the White House and the president are swiftly evolving'


Whoa! Big list of monument-trashing gets bigger

Not even abolitionist Benjamin Franklin is safe from left's attacks

Nabeel Qureshi (courtesy RZIM)

Ex-Muslim, author, evangelist
Nabeel Qureshi dead at 34

Impact in few years 'far beyond what most would have in their lifetime'


Atheists threaten to sue
every school district in 1 state

New law encouraging display of 'In God We Trust' comes under fire

Julian Assange

Congressman urges Trump to meet with Assange

'The president has been done harm by a lie, by the media,
political forces and intelligence agencies'

President Donald Trump (video screenshot)

Trump's inner circle 'fighting'
to keep Paris climate deal

'Politicos ... are not the ones you'd want if you wanted to keep president's promise'

Roy Moore

Alabama Senate race 'a flashpoint'
in fight for soul of GOP

'Ten Commandments Judge' Roy Moore builds momentum to replace Sessions


Judges attack 1 of their own after he insisted work get done

Cited Social Security case in which claimant waited 5 1/2 years for help


Why you need 'The Paradigm'

Exclusive: Joseph Farah notes, 'Nobody connects the dots like Jonathan Cahn'