'Biggest land grab in the history of the world'

Requested EPA authority over streams would 'freeze' economy


Christian giant sued for 'using nanny as sex object'

Lawsuit claims religious leader promised to marry young woman after wife dies


Tea-party powerhouse sues Obama admin

'IRS has to follow letter of the law, just like we do'


NSA slayer wants feds nailed for contempt

'Defendants, by and through the Obama Justice Department, have lied to this court'


Congressman: Let's scrap income tax

'The current system we have doesn't work'

Scene from "Heaven Is for Real"

Boy's near-death vision is major motion picture

Rusty Wright previews 'Heaven Is for Real'


Putin finds allies in European ultranationalists

Both mistrust U.S. and oppose NATO expansion


Tens of millions watch heavenly sign

'God is clearly speaking … are we watching and listening?'

Makeshift camping in an emergency

Exclusive: Manny Edwards demonstrates making tent pegs from scratch

Jan Markell and Anita Dittman

Story of eyewitness to 'hell' captured

Movie follows spiritual journey of Jewish teen amid Holocaust horror

WND's inclusion of faith-related stories and the Christian worldview of your writers makes your site second to none. I also am impressed you actually use biblical references at times. WND is an eclectic blend that is superb and my first choice for news, etc. Thanks for your continuing efforts.
— Richard Scott