Michael Savage

Fox News competitor to put Savage on TV?

'Voice of reason is exactly what this country needs'


Confiscate and criminalize:
Dem's new gun-grab plan

2nd Amendment defender: 'You can see where they want to go'

Dennis Prager

Prager U fight against YouTube censors
goes to 9th Circuit

Social media giant restricting conservative speech


Irish artists horrified by U2 abortion advocacy

Vote to repeal life protections looming


Beachfront home dreamin'
becomes California nightmare

State demands owners forever waive rights to defend residences from 'waves, erosion, storm, flooding'


Report: Chinese 'training' camps now use 'forced medication'

Minority Christians, Uyghurs arrested randomly to meet quotas


Now 'Deep State' insiders to spill details?

Sources say FBI agents want subpoenas so they can talk

FBI agent Peter Strzok and former bureau lawyer Lisa Page

FBI to ask Strzok, Page to preserve records

Grassley demands full versions of infamous anti-Trump texts


NFL to players: Stand for anthem
or stay in locker room

'There's no other way to look at this except complete Donald Trump victory'


Billionaire Bloomberg endorses taking money from poor people

'Don't have a lot ... so higher taxes should have a bigger impact on their behavior'