Clinton money man feared
Hillary and Bill 'assassins'

Recorded secret video as 'insurance policy' in case he turned up dead


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Pence: 'Conservatives have opportunity that only comes around every few generations'


Cruz toasts Harry Reid
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Religious leaders creating 'underground railroad'
to hide illegals

'We're trusting in God that He would help us, guide us to make the right decision'


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'If you think they're going to give country back without fight, you're sadly mistaken'

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos speaks at CPAC on Feb. 23, 2017 (Photo: Screenshot)

Betsy DeVos confronts transgender controversy

Education chief: 'This issue was a huge example of the Obama administration's overreach'


Big List: Now scientists want U.S.
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'Hardcore porn' found at online library for schools

'Innocent searches lead to sites that normalize sexual violence'


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No bombshells yet in 'CNN leaks' as Project Veritas seeks help