U.S. troops in combat? Yes and no

Administration officials give different answers in same hearing


Rush Limbaugh 'shocks socks off'
with Bible truth

Talk-radio king's brother exposes millions to evidence for Christian faith

Syrian refugees at a protest rally

U.N. to dump flood
of Muslim refugees on U.S.

'Several thousand in the pipeline, and that number will go up'


Does this woman have
world's most perfect face?

Exclusive: Andrea Shea King shares fascinating facts found online

Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty"

'Duck Dynasty' patriarch gets political

Don't gripe about Washington, he says, 'register to vote for crying out loud'


Obama covered Muslim Brotherhood tracks
to Benghazi

Dodged political damage weeks before presidential election


Is this what Hillary aides
scrubbed from Benghazi probe?

Former Clinton official charges documents withheld from investigators


'Blood Moons' revelations rock TV audience

'These signs are potentially closing this chapter of human history'


Dershowitz: Obama support
of Arab Spring 'big mistake'

Saudi Arabia 'nothing more than a family-owned gas station'

I agree with you 100 percent, Mr. Farah. Everything is so wacky after five years of Obamaworld. I think everyone in power that disagrees must be bought off or is so fearful, that nothing is said. You, thank God, are the exception.
— R.D. Fair