Robert Mueller

Limbaugh: Left in panic, acting like
'recent escapees from asylums'

Trump hatred 'irrational to the point it can't be explained'


Tech giants: Russian 2016 election influence minuscule

Dems' attempt to change subject as Facebook hearing backfires

Hillary Clinton at the American Federation of Teachers Union on July 13, 2018 (Video screenshot)

Putin claims $400 million funneled to Hillary campaign

Scheme 'involved members of U.S. intelligence community'


Dem candidate: I'm 'supported by Jesus Christ'

'This campaign is built up on righteousness from the beginning to the end'

Former CIA director John Brennan

Wikipedia entry describes Brennan
as 'silly old f---'

Follows ex-CIA chief's wild blast at president for 'treason'


Huge majority of Dems
want fresh face for 2020

Nearly 6 in 10 say Hillary Clinton has been 'bad' for party

Screenshot from Planned Parenthood of New York ad.

Where's the bleep?
'F' anyone who 'Fs' with us

New ad targets millennials to protect government funding


Sheriff Joe has 'out-of-the-box' idea
to end border crisis

Arpaio: 'That is how you solve the problem'

NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium

'It took Trump to do what Bush,
Bill Clinton couldn't'

D'Souza dismantles 'old geezers' slam of president's NATO policy


Jim Jordan accusations come from
'Republican establishment'

Richard Viguerie: 'They don't want to dismantle the administrative state'