Major U.S. city now banishes 'Founding Fathers'

Takes political correctness 'to a whole new extreme'


Fox News blows report on New Hampshire 'winner'

'We apologize for any confusion'

President Obama (White House photo)

Supreme Court halts Obama's climate-change plans

Republican-led states win reprieve from fossil-fuel regulations

German police went on anti-ISIS raids after Spiegel TV interviewed an alleged terrorist commander, Bassam, posing as a refugee

'ISIS commander' on TV as migrant, cops clueless

'I want to learn German and work as a cook'

Dr. Ben Carson (left) and Donald Trump (right)

Ben Carson 'open' to being Trump's VP

'I certainly would sit down and discuss it'


Top U.S. intel official: ISIS agents
hiding among refugees

Attacks planned here in 2016 amid 'troubling' surge in border crossings

President Obama visits the the Islamic Society of Baltimore, Feb. 3, 2016

You don't know what Obama said at the mosque

President 'spoke a lot of nonsense,
some of it dangerous'


Obama's newest executive order

'Identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in America'


The collapsing
Social Security
pyramid scheme

Thomas Sowell: 'There's no reason to bankrupt country by keeping fraud going forever'

President Obama (White House photo)

Obama budget calls for tax hikes on banks

White House $4 trillion plan for 2017 a progressive dream