Murdoch: Sex claims at Fox News
'largely political'

'Pivotal moment' for media titan's new TV empire

Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin

Hillary, Huma carted off
'Muslim' files, other docs

State allowed them to classify work-related items as 'personal'


FBI sued for details of removal
of pro-Clinton agent

Moved off special counsel Robert Mueller's team
over texts showing bias against Trump


Gowdy tears deputy A.G. apart
over Mueller probe

Smackdown: 'What in the hell is going on with the Department of Justice'

Bundy Ranch standoff

Bundy case defendants turn tables
on FBI, demand compensation

Acquitted of charges, 2 file damages for actions by authorities


Free-market advocates hail
'net neutrality' repeal

Big FCC action guarantees 'freedom of the Internet again'


Border watchdog targets CNN
with new 'chain migration' ad

Watch powerful 30-second video airing tonight


Show Trump how many support him

Exclusive: Joseph Farah asks readers to thank the man
'fighting for America's heart and soul'


Big List of 163 Trump accomplishments in 328 days

Most comprehensive compilation of 1st-year achievements


Judge rejects demand that baker
make 'gay' wedding cake

Called 'sharp blow' to 'escalating persecution'