Randa Jarrar

Barbara Bush-bashing
prof dumps hate on
'f***ing stupid' farmers

4-minute video exposes Jarrar's rants
against whites, men, Trump supporters


Will they go from banning books
to burning them?

Michael Brown: My 'Can You Be Gay and Christian?' would be illegal to sell under bill


Congress warned Special Ops are 'fraying'

Have been 'easy button' for consecutive administrations to push

Second amendment

Law demands day-care operators go defenseless

Ordered to advertise that they are disarmed

Reading Bible

Look who's endorsing 'breakthrough' Gospel book

From Franklin Graham to Mike Huckabee to Chuck Norris ...


A timely (cinematic) tale
of eminent-domain abuse

The story of Susette Kelo vs. the City of New London


Feds seek tech for quicky rocket launches

$10 million offered for successful placement into orbit on short notice


You can work on nuclear weapons if ...

'Training today's workforce for tomorrow's jobs'

Jerusalem, Israel

What’s the big deal about Israel’s 70th anniversary?

New movie explains how, amazingly, it touches everything, everyone