Joel Richardson now 'fully convinced'
Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia

Bible scholar visited site locals know as 'Mountain of Moses'

Transgender 'Jazz Jennings' doll

Waiting list hits U.K. transgender clinic

Thousands of kids, as young as 4, being referred


Left-wing campus that booted whites
reaps unintended consequences

Enrollment plunges at Evergreen College, 24 faculty fired, 19 empty positions nixed


Campus 'Bias-Incident Response Team' chills speech

Students urged to report even 'unintentional' mockery


Christians vs. homeowners association
– court rules in Bible study fight

Community barred faith meetings after atheist complained


Hot fight over hair braids
submitted to Supreme Court

State requirement to spend $12,000 for license being challenged


Advocate for China's girls
warns about 'end' of 2-child policy

'As always when dealing with the Communist Party, there is a catch'


If you are a bot, please say yes

Human-like computer programming already facing legal fights

Bobby Kennedy spoke to supporters at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles in the early morning hours of June 6, 1968, shortly  before his was mortally wounded by an assassin.

What if RFK survived assassin's bullet?

Brand-new book 'stands history on its head'


Just imagine, Hillary controlling Facebook!

Twice-failed presidential hopeful would pick
social media company to lead, if she could