MSNBC warns: Obama scandal
to return with 'vengeance'

Upcoming book, anniversary to cause 'headache' for president, Hillary


Famous Republican unloads
on Obama's cluelessness

'To this day the president has yet to see the facts on the ground'


'Miracle of Israel' revealed in Hollywood hit

Top actor proclaims power of God in America's widest released new movie


How U.S. weapons made it to ISIS

Research paper addresses 'recoilless rifles, anti-tank weapons, missiles'


Women reject government programs
to 'save' them

Members of star trio write they 'do not even want that sort of assistance'


Facebook caught suppressing news stories

Exclusive: Andrea Shea King spotlights hottest stories on the Net


'Bill Clinton would have fired Hillary'

Top Republican blasts ex-secretary of state for ignoring Benghazi warnings

Sea of Galilee

Last day to sign up! Tour Israel with Jonathan Cahn

Clock ticking to register for 'spiritual trip of a lifetime'


Did Joel Osteen's wife commit 'blasphemy'?

'They're certainly not following the biblical Jesus'


Scientific study backs intelligent design

Expert: Discovery reveals 'redundant' components actually highly specialized

Dear Mr. Farah: Thank you for so boldly writing the truth! I know that as a professional journalist your writing may be heavily criticized in some quarters because of the subject matter. You are a man of great courage!
— Robin M. Cathcart