Navy Yard in lockdown as police hunt shooter

Washington, D.C. in chaos as streets close

man-in flag-shirt-examines-guns-nra

Gun owners' strategy 'kills' new registration

Move called 'stunning repudiation' of Democrat governor, allies


Library slams book on Christian meetings

'Shall not be allowed use for the sake of proselytizing'

8-year-old Desmond Napoles of Brooklyn, N.Y., dances in they New York City Pride March on Sunday, June 28, 2015.

Mom scorched for 8-year-old
in 'gay' march

'Enjoy the eventual sh-tstorm
you're letting build'


Gaza to be declared ISIS 'caliphate'

Hamas accused of 'sliding gradually into apostasy'


Americans more dependent than ever
on Independence Day

Total cost of food-stamp program doubles under Obama


Juror gets 10 days in jail, 'killer' gets new trial

Woman's answer on questionnaire gets verdict tossed


Now the ACLU gets sued for a change

Facing allegations of professional malpractice, defamation


Hundreds burned in 'gay' festival stunt

Multi-colored special effect launched from air cannons turns explosive

Hillary Clinton

Hillary needed tutorial on diplomatic lingo

'What does it mean? What is the E and who are the three?'