The White House

Trump triumphs in brand-new national
rasmussen poll

'Most accurate' presidential survey also indicates vote shock


Hillary caught misrepresenting abortion fight

Chinese still see government employee as 'birth-control enforcer'

Christina Ferguson

Notes from debate: Woman goes nuts
with peanut-butter smear

Plus! Hillary's 'creepy grandma' grin, chants of 'lock her up' among political highlights


Win, lose or draw?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah offers his take on final presidential debate


Final debate: Trump, Hillary both go for jugular

'It's all about the Constitution and how it was intended to be'


Hillary dances away from 'open borders' comment

Clinton changes the subject when confronted by moderator

The U.S. Supreme Court

'The Supreme Court is what it's all about'

Trump, Hillary clash on how justices will deal with guns, abortion


Should President Trump try to prosecute hillary?

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Jimmy Carter and Republican candidate Ronald Reagan shake hands at the conclusion of the Presidential Debate, Oct. 28, 1980

Will this Election Day be repeat of 1980?

Reagan trailed Carter 47-39 just 10 days before vote

Side-by-side of Bill Clinton and Danney Williams

'Clinton's black son' demands DNA sample

Lawyers announce in Vegas their plan for paternity suit