Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin urges
Trump to dump
'tainted' top official

'How long does he get to ride the train?'

President Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

Nunes confirms: Obama admin spied
on Trump transition team

'Intelligence community incidentally collected information'


Serious claim: FBI's Comey
'falsely' denied surveillance

'Orwellian Big Brother' intrusion on Trump, other citizens in public and private sector

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

Both sides claim to gain support
in health-care battle

But even major media say conservatives have votes to stop Ryan's bill


Michael Savage: Britain's ban on me
hasn't stopped terrorism

Politicians 'obsessed' with not offending Muslims as attacks continue


Police in London kill 'knife-wielding attacker'
outside Parliament

3 victims dead, others suffer 'catastrophic injuries' when mowed down on Westminster Bridge


Appeal for woman stopped from praying …
in her own home

Cops accused of intimidating, threatening, then poking fun at faith


School sued after opening
boys' locker room to girls

Complaint: Student told he must 'tolerate' situation, make it appear 'natural'

Liberty High School's prayer room. The school is in Frisco, Texas, and has provided the on-campus prayer room to meet the special needs of Muslim students since 2009.

High school 'Muslim prayer room' challenged

State attorney general takes notice but ACLU 'nowhere to be found'


Deadly silence from Dems on Hillary's 2020 plans

Ed Klein claims twice-failed candidate is 'pathological' about wanting presidency