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Twitter erupts: Shooter 'white Christian terrorist'

Colorado Springs standoff sparks blast at pro-life perspective


Speech rights of pro-life activist upheld

European court finds Germany failed
to balance arguments about abortion

Syrian refugees (Photo: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Obama launches PR campaign
to change your mind on refugees

Comparisons to pilgrims, other immigrants 'outrageous'


Saudis spent $1.35 million on Obama gifts in 2014

'Non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to donor'


Forget the malls, shop the new WND Superstore

Online mall for freedom-loving, God-honoring just got makeover


TSA's grope-a-thon continues ...

Court order 5 years ago told agency to 'promptly' deal with body-scanner rule


School pulls back plans
for transgender promotion

Was warned 'no one has a moral right to compel others to participate in a fiction'


Fatah 'soldier' on video eating snake

'They are the heroes of a mighty people'

Democrats have it all wrong on climate change, said one liberal-leaning physicist.

Green agenda risks $2 trillion in energy projects

World leaders seeking 2 degree Celsius warming limit at Paris climate summit