Ravens players take a knee during playing of U.S. national anthem after President Trump said doing so is unpatriotic (Photo: Video screenshot/CBS News)

Media reaction to NFL 'downrising'

CNN racial analysis: 'It's impossible for black athletes to leave politics off the field'


'Get that son of a b---- off the field!'

Trump calls for boycott of NFL teams that permit players
to 'take a knee' during National Anthem

Burgess Owen

NFL star says protests sow division, despair

'Listen guys, this country gives us everything we want'


Watch basketball coach teach athletes
incredible lesson on respect

Exclusive: Jason & David Benham weigh in on controversy over national anthem

Burmese monks rally against Islam, which they see as a threat to their religious future.

Will Trump open U.S. doors
to another country's Muslims?

Pence makes impassioned speech in defense of persecuted 'illegals' in Burma

President Obama's administration lit the White House with rainbow colors on the evening of June 26, 2015, after the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision in favor of legalized same-sex marriage

Prof sounds alarm
over same-sex 'studies' on children

'Here they are teeing up the kind of evidence to overturn age of consent laws'

Bob Dylan

Dylan 'suffered' for his religious beliefs

Details uncovered in new blockbuster about spiritual life of music icon


Trial to expose radical Islamic agents
embedded in U.S.

Top First Amendment lawyers defend breathtaking infiltration of terror front

'Ring of fire' (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

More quakes shake ‘ring of fire’

Californians anxious as Mexico hit with 2 new tremors


Muslim writers say Irma is Allah's revenge

'Do you still think it is divine punishment?'