'Ring of fire' (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

More quakes shake 'ring of fire'

Californians shaky as Mexico hit with 2 new tremors

Conversions of Saul

'Modern-day Muslim Saul' story
from underground church

Avowed Christian killer becomes 'vessel' for Jesus, missionaries report

President Obama and Dan Bongino as a member of the president's Secret Service team

What happens to Secret Service
run by political correctness

'They are pushing people through who are not qualified to protect the president'

Judge John Tunheim, appointed by former President Bill Clinton

Activist Dem judge
rules LGBT mandate
trumps 1st Amendment

Says Christians' refusal to promote homosexuality akin to posting
'White Applicants Only' sign


Superintendent busted
in homeschoolers-for-cash scam

Offered 'free' laptops in exchange for attending public district for 1 day

Operation Overmatch

Army to test war ideas on video-game system

'How would you be able to defeat the enemy in this scenario?'


How the left created
white-identity politics

'It's no longer about teaching kids so they can succeed … it's all about teaching victimhood'


Have pampered players ruined America's pastime?

Exclusive: Brent Smith on how NFL athletes' union demands
threaten league's future

Karl Marx

Veteran journalist: 'Is the Marxist takeover
of America already complete?'

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Help WND Films make a hit movie

Crowdfunding effort under way for 'Trapped in Hitler's Hell' feature film