Western Wall

U.S. to move embassy to Jerusalem in May

Coincides with Israel's 70th anniversary of independence

President Trump (Photo: Flickr/Michael Vadon)

Trump: Arm school teachers

'We have to have offensive capability to take people out rapidly'

President Trump (official White House photo)

Trump: 1st year great,
now let's work on midterms

'And frankly, you better elect more Republicans, folks'


Trump approval surges to 50%

5 points ahead of Obama on same date of his presidency

Actor and martial artist Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris defends shooting survivor
who says CNN censored him

'Progressives are on warpath to restrict free speech and guns'

Member of the Black September organization carrying out the attack on Israeli athletes at the Olympics in Munich in 1972

Dem candidate addresses
Black September terror heritage

Grandfather was organizer for group that killed Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics

Flag and Constitution

Court to rule on judge's ban on sidewalk speech

Defendant in 'jury tampering' case granted permission to challenge conviction

President Obama's administration lit the White House with rainbow colors on the evening of June 26, 2015, after the U.S. Supreme Court made a decision in favor of legalized same-sex marriage

Churches tell town council:
Leave our beliefs alone

Lawsuit contests new nondiscrimination ordinance
that targets religious freedom

Image courtesy Pacific Legal Foundation

Judge protects house painted
like Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'

Suspends city's fines over unique artwork


The president who plows through the gatekeepers

Most comprehensive compilation of Trump's 1st-year achievements