Dems issue flurry of new gun-control bills

Timed with Obama's controversial visit to Oregon town hit by tragedy

Ahmed Abdi, a Somali refugee resettled by the U.S. government in Minneapolis, is charged with two counts of first degree sexual assault on a 10 year old girl.

Muslim refugee charged with raping 10-year-old girl

Witnesses heard 'screaming in the hallway' of Minneapolis apartments

Capitol Hill

Did Scarlet Letter 'A' doom McCarthy?

Lawmaker warned against 'skeletons' in GOP closets


Chinese navy looms
as Russia strikes Syrian rebels

Sources say ship lies in wait in Mediterranean amid denials


France terror-attack hero stabbed in California

Pentagon: 'Under investigation by local law enforcement'

Eitam and Naama Henkin left behind three children

Palestinians on social media
'joyous' over dead Israelis

Facebook, Twitter messages amid 'wave of terror' in Tel Aviv

Western Wall

Jerusalem mayor tells citizens: Pack heat

Israeli deaths spark pro-gun quip: 'It's an imperative'


Meet the pope's Bilderberger guru

Prominent adviser boasts exceptional globalist credentials

U.S. Congress

Freedom Caucus rebukes Kevin McCarthy

Powerful conservative group rejects in favor of speaker long-shot Daniel Webster


Who's the sucker now?

Inmates freed, Americans disarmed, feds protect 'gender identity' of illegals