Firearms Enthusiasts Practice Shooting At Gun Range

14-year-old boy shoots, kills home invader

Grandfather: 'Did good job' protecting sick grandma


'Unprecedented': Americans
race to dump Boehner

'I've never seen anything quite like this'


Obama scrubs Jewish Temple
from Hanukkah message

Unusually activist language compared to his previous statements


Rubio blasts Obama's overture to Cuba

'Dangerous, desperate attempt will make America less safe'


Pope brokered Cuba deal,
now set on closing Gitmo

White House: Normalization wouldn't have happened without pontiff


States have sneaky plan to pump up gas prices

'This is their worst nightmare right now'

Jeb Bush

Limbaugh: Why Jeb Bush is really running

'It's all about us being the No. 1 enemy of these people'


Federal judge: Obama's amnesty unconstitutional

President limited 'to recommending laws he thinks wise
and vetoing laws he thinks bad'


Build monument to honor our waterboarders

Medal of Honor general rips 'girly-men and compassion droolers'


Bake this! 'Gay' cakemakers
stick it to Christians

Some go ballistic over traditional marriage message