Geert Wilders speaking at the event Sunday night in Texas where a police officer was shot (WND photo)

Police officer shot at 'Muhammad art contest'
in Texas

Featured anti-'Islamization' Dutch politician Geert Wilders


Texas gunman once investigated for terror ties

FBI searching Arizona home of Elton Simpson


Pamela Geller: 'There is a war on free speech'

Warns Americans not to cede 1st Amendment to Shariah extremists


Ben Carson launches presidential campaign

'Politicians do what is politically expedient – I want to do what's right'


Top CBS News anchor
slammed for 'bashing' faith

Accused of worst kind of 'sloppy journalism'


Dobson: 'Fall of Western civilization' at hand

'Barring a miracle, the family will likely crumble'


Come to Israel with me this fall

Exclusive: Joseph Farah tells readers, 'You will get to know God
in a whole new way'


ACLU on Baltimore: 'Black Spring has begun'

Crime spikes in city as all eyes on Freddie Gray


Baltimore protest leader
warns 'devious' media

Ex-New Black Panther chair: 'I am monitoring these articles'


Hispanic evangelicals dangle
'amnesty' carrot for 2016

Republicans urged to step into 'Promised Land' of coveted electorate