Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin urges
Trump to dump
'tainted' top official

'How long does he get to ride the train?'


Spicer slaps down 2 major-network reporters

Patience wears thin during another
contentious press briefing

President Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

Nunes confirms: Obama admin spied
on Trump transition team

'Intelligence community incidentally collected information'

Criminal illegal aliens

Brutal school rape in Maryland
is 'symptom of a sanctuary nation'

'The problem is illegal immigrants are not all innocent children'


Non-transgender schoolkids told to use
alternative locker room

Straight boy objects to unclothed opposite-sex encounters

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Will Erdogan be banned from U.K.
for threatening Europe?

Turkish president issued warning just before London terror attack


Michael Savage: Britain's ban on me
hasn't stopped terrorism

Politicians 'obsessed' with not offending Muslims as attacks continue

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

Both sides claim to gain support
in health-care battle

But even major media say conservatives have votes to stop Ryan's bill


School-board prayer survives atheist attack

'Reminds lawmakers to transcend petty differences in pursuit of a higher purpose'


Hate-Israel leader hid $700,000 in Palestinian bank

Co-founder of boycott movement busted for tax evasion