Afghan 'refugee' jailed
for rape, murder
of teen beauty

'When I saw how pretty she was,
I wanted to have sex with her'

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump on March 22, 2018 (Photo: Twitter/Melania Trump)

'No evidence of collusion'!
House intel clears Trump in its Russia probe

Also no proof campaign was involved in theft or publication of Clinton emails


Tests reveal
'alien skeleton'
isn't what many thought

Mummified remains of being who
is just 6 inches long with cone-shaped head


Gunfire erupts: Bizarre twist
in Seth Rich murder probe

Ex-special agent investigating case charged with shooting man who hired him


Watch: Dad explodes on principal
for letting kids, 12, hold anti-gun walkout

'6th-graders? 6th-graders? When do 6th-graders make decisions?'

President Donald Trump

Psych experts analyzing Trump
'basically Clinton voters in disguise'

Study reveals political bias of those issuing mental-health assessments

President Trump

Seriously? Hillary charges Trump
using office to 'enrich' himself

Stunning claim from couple that became millionaires after office


'Europe will be Muslim,' says Turkish leader

'There is no remedy for it'

(Photo: Twitter)

College student schooled
not to use facts on prof

Punished for pointing out that biologists recognize 2 sexes

Austin bombing suspect Mark Anthony Conditt

'Devastated' family of Austin bomber unaware he was in 'darkness'

Neighbors remember 'polite' homeschooled Christian boy