'People's heads blowing up' at Fox News?

Staff reportedly on edge over Muslim prayer rugs, meditation room, sex-harassment training


Land-grabbing Florida town must pay
$1.5 million for tiny beach easement

Slapped down by court after trying to assume ownership of private property

Delhi Sands flower-loving fly

Prison for accidentally killing this endangered fly?

Judge sides with radical enviros demanding prosecution
for unknowingly 'taking' protected species


Christian therapist fired
over biblical marriage beliefs

Told to be 'social worker first, Catholic second'


Atheists ask appeals court
to banish Pensacola cross

Decision from 11th Circuit Court expected late summer


School board stunner: There is no 'biological sex'

Plans to overhaul graphic 'Family Life Education' curriculum
also tells kids 'clergy' not to be trusted


Planned Parenthood-free communities now called 'abortion deserts'

They're actually 'good news to everyone,'
say pro-life activists

Treessitters protesting the Mountain Valley Pipeline

Doctor sues for right
to visit, treat tree-sitter

Alleges Forest Service agents
violating religious rights


Tel Aviv promoted as 'holy city'
that's key to 3rd Temple

'It's time that the entire Jewish world got excited'


Harry Truman and the Jewish haberdasher

Exclusive: Larry Nevenhoven explains God's hand at work prior to rebirth of Israel