President Trump: 'This moment is your moment'

Leader of free world delivers inaugural address to nation


Trump bashers: Inaugural speech 'Hitlerian'

Critics condemn new president with 'Nazi' claims

Donald Trump's inaugural address

President Trump's inaugural address

'The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer'

Donald Trump takes the oath of office from U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

Donald J. Trump sworn in as 45th president

Takes oath of office with hand on Lincoln and Sunday School Bibles


Trump earns praise on social, political,
financial fronts

'The difference between this administration and its predecessor could not be more clear'


'Outsider' Trump will be 'unique American president'

'He is a maverick, and he's going to do things his way'

Protesters light fires outside 'Deploraball' on eve of Donald Trump's inauguration (Photo: Twitter/Fox 5 DC)

Anti-Trump agitators clash
with cops outside 'deploraball'

'Nazi scum! This is what a police state looks like!'


Why I'm attending my 1st inauguration

Exclusive: Joseph Farah counts the years since he had desire to witness a swearing-in


New president, new world

Pat Buchanan: The greater danger for Trump
is that the movement he led will be abandoned

President-elect Donald Trump and wife Melania arrived in Washington, D.C., on eve of inauguration Jan. 19

Trump gets hero's welcome
on eve of inauguration

See festivities in final hours before new president enters White House