Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh: 'Resistance' is set
to tear America apart

'It's gonna lead to more unrest. It's gonna lead to more anger'


Sources: McCabe ordered 'stand down'
on Hillary probe

Ex-FBI deputy chief 'tried to steer people off' email investigation

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the White House (

'Collusion' finally revealed, but not by Trump

More evidence of misbehavior uncovered in newly released emails


Are claims against Dr. Ronny Jackson
a problem, or just politics?

'Sometimes I smell a rat when dealing with the swamp in D.C.'

1-28-16 - anti-Semitism

Open-borders Merkel admits 'refugees' to blame for anti-Semitism

German leader says every Jewish nursery, school, synagogue requires police

Caren Z. Turner, former aide to Hillary Clinton, argues with police

Ex-Hillary aide drops F-bomb
on cops in traffic stop

See rant against police after they pulled over unregistered vehicle

Young woman reading the Bible with surprised look shocked

Activists confess 'Bible ban'
does target 'faith community'

Embarrassment for Snopes: raw intent to force Christians to 'evolve'

bible page

Where does one least expect to find the Gospel?

Upcoming book about Bible to turn many heads

Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly, now host of NBC's 'Megyn Kelly Today' (Photo: Twitter)

Megyn Kelly is $69 million ratings disaster for NBC

'They were hoping it was going to do better than this. She's a polarizing personality'

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian police chief:
Israel spreading drugs to Palestinians

'Occupation' considered 'No. 1 cause' of problem