Mexicans blame Americans for 'Death Train'

Complaint filed against U.S. owners of 'Beast' hauling illegals


What the media don't want me to say

Exclusive: Todd Akin exposes mind-blowing press manipulation, Clinton hypocrisy


'America' gains steam, tops Michael Moore film

Movie described as 'a juggernaut that is building'


Top lawmakers investigating 'Harbinger'

'One of the most soul-stirring, stunning, spell-binding books'


'Blood Moons' rise again

Prophetic movie set to captivate generation of filmmakers


Israel decision keeps top terrorists alive

'There is only one party that cares about the people of Gaza and it isn't Hamas'


U.S. taxpayers buy 'proverb cubes'
for prostitutes

Millions of dollars dumped into questionable foreign health campaigns


Congress willing to 'trust DOJ' on mom's killing

Lawmakers dismiss shooting of unarmed woman by Secret Service

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

Israeli official to Kerry: No truce

Says Jewish state's citizens 'willing to be in shelters a few more weeks'

Sea of Galilee

Don't be put off by rockets!
God watches over Israel

WND tour of Holy Land more meaningful than ever, say Cahn, Farah

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