11th cent. parchment Hebrew Bible Cambridge Uni found Fostat Egypt COM - Copy

Would you like to discover an ancient Bible code?

Exclusive: Joseph Farah reveals messaging
more intriguing than 'secrets' embedded in text


Yarmulke-wearing 'pretend Jew' beaten by Muslims in Germany

Israeli Arab's experiment to prove no anti-Semitism in country fails dramatically

Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

D.C. councilman defends Nazis
after saying 'Jews control weather'

'Conciliatory' visit to Holocaust Museum ends poorly


FBI's 3rd time hunting
for Clinton-Lynch tarmac documents

'They are only now searching their 'Central Records System''


DOJ probing Comey memos for classified material

Sources cite 2 of former FBI chief's accounts of Trump meetings

Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Dems sue Russia, Trump, Assange
for damages from 2016 vote

Claims include violations of RICO, Wiretap Act, trespass, conspiracy

Pakistan flag

Democrats' IT staffer: 'I control
White House on my fingertips'

Congress hacker's father 'gave data to Pakistani official'

Fake news

Americans don't want government
restricting 'fake news'

But poll shows they believe tech companies should be more responsible

Former New York City mayor and U.S. attorney Rudy Giuliani is joining President Trump's legal team (Photo: Wikipedia)

Giuliani joins Trump legal team
to 'negotiate end' to Mueller probe

Trump: He 'wants to get this matter quickly resolved for good of country'

Andrew McCabe

Inspector general refers McCabe
to federal prosecutors

Recent report revealed he lied, over and over