Watch: Dad explodes on principal
for letting kids, 12, hold anti-gun walkout

'6th-graders? 6th-graders? When do 6th-graders make decisions?'

(Photo: Twitter)

College student schooled
not to use facts on prof

Punished for pointing out that biologists recognize 2 sexes

President Trump

Hillary charges Trump using office
to 'enrich' himself

Stunning claim comes from someone accused of 'looting' White House as First Lady

Austin bombing suspect Mark Anthony Conditt

'Devastated' family of Austin bomber unaware he was in 'darkness'

Neighbors remember 'polite' homeschooled Christian boy

Hillary Clinton (video screenshot)

Music star: Hillary's ego covers 'south wall of Grand Canyon'

'Enough bitterness to poison every drop of water in Lake Pontchartrain'

Hollywood-oscars-film-movies Way to success on the red carpet (Barrier rope)

23 celebrities who vowed to leave U.S. if Trump won

Wait a minute!
Why on Earth are these people still here?


Big Pharma's vaccines: Naked profit over safety

Exclusive: Lee Hieb, M.D., charges firms with corruption, collusion with FDA/CDC


What's the big deal about
Israel's 70th anniversary?

New movie explains how, amazingly, it touches everything, everyone

Then-FBI Director Robert Mueller in the White House in 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Trump won't fire Mueller
despite 'absurd' probe

White House defends president's 'witch hunt' tweetstorm

J. Michael Finley stars as Bart Millard in "I Can Only Imagine"

MercyMe! Faith-based film
wins weekend box office

Tops 'Black Panther,' 'Tomb Raider,' 'Wrinkle in Time' per screen