First hole discovered in Siberian region known as "the end of the world."

More mystery holes appear in Earth's crust

Located in region called 'end of the world'


Facebook cool with dog torture, stabbings

Social network refuses to remove images of graphic abuse, cruelty


Judges 'open door' to marriage of 3, 4 or 5 people

Attorney warns latest ruling shows 'societal division is taking place'


Superhighway could boost flood of illegals

Construction under way of high-speed route through Mexico


New wave of illegal immigration protests
to sweep U.S.

Obama threatens unilateral amnesty as rallies loom across America

Never be without a fire

Exclusive: Manny Edwards shows how to get a spark going without a lighter

Secretary of State John Kerry

Egypt: Kerry pushing us closer to Hamas

Cairo official: He's 'acting like 1st-year college student'

Sandra Fluke

Sandra Fluke can't afford $9 birth control,
gives campaign $100,000

Feminist's massive cash infusion could have funded 925 years of contraceptives


Feds to illegals: Come back to court in 2020

Congressman describes asylum 'black hole' behind border crisis

Ebola fatality Patrick Sawyer was planning on coming home to visit his daughters in August

Ebola: 'It's close, it's at our front door'

Victim aboard international flight was headed to U.S. in August

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