Terrorist disguised as Israeli soldier lured troops into kidnap trap

Netanayahu warns Kerry Hamas will pay for breaching cease-fire


Conservative plan could save border bill

Bachmannn gives inside story on sudden shift from despair to hope

Attorney General Eric Holder

Court releases 'Fast and Furious'
info withheld by Obama

President's executive privilege claim led to Holder contempt finding

Cleta Mitchell

IRS employees 'donating
to Democrats' probing scandal

Tea party lawyer spotlights motivation for hindering investigation


Man kills teen, shows totaled car with smiley face

'That's her front end after I got done with her. Lol'


'Son of Hamas' warns
Islamic group can't be appeased

'They want to destroy Israel … and anyone who does not believe'


Hamas leader: We 'love death
for Allah like you love life'

'Today you Israelis are fighting divine soldiers'


CDC chief: Ebola 'could arrive in the U.S.'

Virus 'definitely not under control' as agency issues alert


Dems talking up impeachment
more than GOP

Analyst who nails election results says numbers don't lie


Another new book set
to agitate Clinton machine

Exposes Hillary's role in deadly Benghazi disaster

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