Danielle Watkins

Woman has sex with student 20 times

Teacher issues threat if boy broke off relations

IRS Commissioner Koskinen Testifies on Missing Emails

IRS chief eviscerated in 'You lie!' moment

GOP lawmakers accuse agency of deliberate deceit to stage cover-up


5 happiest cities in U.S. all in 1 state

Unhappiest places all lean to 1 political party


1st murder outside Target since 'gun ban'

Killer strikes month after company asks customers to disarm


Will classic Joe Biden remark haunt him?

Vice president's jab at Putin revealed


Ulterior motive for ban on flights to Israel?

Diplomats question putting Jewish state on par with Third World


Top lawmakers: 'Beginning of end'
for Obamacare

Court gives conservatives fresh hope and new ammo

Hillary Clinton watches as President Clinton discusses the Monica Lewinsky scandal at the White House in January 1998.

'Phone-sex blackmail': Clinton adultery
not private matter

Book reveals 1990s foreign-intel intercepts amid report of new mistress

US Border Patrol agents Colleen Agle (R)

Shots fired across border draw yawn from Washington

Rep. Gohmert says there's a reason for silence


Why is Hollywood silent on border crisis?

Exclusive: Morgan Brittany figures
busloads of illegals won't be coming to Beverly Hills

Hi, Mr. Farah. I can't believe you were part of the liberal media. Thanks for seeing the light ... and for all you do.
— Robert Howard