Here's epic email suspended Christian
sent Muslim prof

'There's something seriously wrong and depraved about you'

Planned Parenthood (Photo: Twitter)

Felony charges for pro-lifers
behind Planned Parenthood videos

But activists who went undercover release new footage showing abortion provider's 'inhumanity'


Police open fire on motorist near U.S. Capitol

Driver reportedly struck cruiser, tried to run down officers


Russia scandal?
Inside the Obama-Clinton uranium deal

Hillary OK'd sale as cash flowed to foundation, Bill's pockets

Massachusetts State Rep. Michelle DuBois (Photo: Facebook)

Dem lawmaker tips off illegals in MS-13 hotbed

'If there's a knock on the door and you don't know who it is, don't open the door'

Young attractive woman near the ocean on a summer day

'Fountain of Youth' protein booster identified

Process could lead to reversal of aging

CoverGirl Nura Afia

Muslim expert warns of new proxy
for jihad: CoverGirl

Company's message 'echoes the mantra of hardline Islamist groups'


Sessions urged to clean up 'ideological rot' at DOJ

Obama bureaucrats considered rule of law 'nuisance' to their agenda of 'leftist causes'


Georgetown hosts known
Islamic Jihad terror financier

Lecture to challenge students how to 'make a better, more peaceful world'