Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif

Feinstein caught in her own 'gotcha' question

Tried to undermine Gorsuch nomination to U.S. Supreme Court

Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Mich. (Photo: Twitter)

Former Intel committee chief:
Comey needs to tell rest of story

Hoekstra: 'I would nail them for what I believe is incomplete testimony last week'


Witches to cast spell on Trump … again!

New crescent moon calls for ritual with photo, tarot card, candle, feather, ashtray


The America you don't know

Exclusive: Craige McMillan predicts outrage over deep-state 'treason' is ready to blow


Former Trump-campaign chair Manafort
to testify before Congress

Source: NSA has 'smoking gun' evidence Obama spied on Trump


Trump kills health-care bill

Legislation to replace Obamacare defeated by conservative opposition

David Friedman, Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump

Senate confirms Friedman as ambassador to Israel

'Has the skills and experience to represent the U.S.
in 1 of the most complex regions in the world'

Criminal illegal aliens

Most Americans, especially minorities, say no to sanctuary cities

Poll: Only one-third want own community to protect illegals

Montgomery County Superintendent Dr. Jack Smith (Photo: Montgomery County Public Schools)

After illegal-alien bathroom rape,
superintendent accuses community of racism

Says public 'making threats toward our students and schools'

Tommy Alvarado-Ventura

Illegal deported 4 times
charged in sex attack on girl, 2

Explosion of MS-13 gang violence terrorizing American communities