LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 18: Delta Airlines Boeing 717 arrives at Los Angeles International Airport on June 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by FG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Woman takes free apple off plane,
look what happens next

Returning from France, she placed fruit in her carry-on

Actor James Woods (Photo: Flickr/The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

James Woods v. Hillary: 'You couldn't beat ...'

Actor turns tweet put-downs into new art form

Travis Reinking (Facebook)

Nude, Waffle House mass-shooter on the loose

Hero wrestled gun from Nashville attacker; 4 dead, 7 wounded

Jake Locker in 2014 (Wikimedia Commons)

NFL 1st-round QB pick quit football
to make Jesus No. 1

At 26, mysteriously left dream job after 30 games, 4,967 passing yards, 27 TD passes

Mitt Romney tweeted a photo of himself and actor Zach Braff on a flight to Salt Lake City in January 2014.

Republicans force Romney into primary

Utah legislator edges out presidential nominee at state convention

Jerusalem, Israel

What a year to go
to Israel with WND

Embassy in Jerusalem, 70th anniversary, see newly found Sodom

Randa Jarrar

Barbara Bush-bashing
prof dumps hate on
'f***ing stupid' farmers

4-minute video exposes Jarrar's rants
against whites, men, Trump supporters


Will they go from banning books
to burning them?

Michael Brown: My 'Can You Be Gay and Christian?' would be illegal to sell under bill

Reading Bible

Look who's endorsing 'breakthrough' Gospel book

From Franklin Graham to Mike Huckabee to Chuck Norris ...

Second amendment

Law demands day-care operators go defenseless

Ordered to advertise that they are disarmed