Pakistan flag

Democrats' IT staffer: 'I control
White House on my fingertips'

Congress hacker's father 'gave data to Pakistani official'

Fake news

Americans don't want government
restricting 'fake news'

But poll shows they believe tech companies should be more responsible

Former New York City mayor and U.S. attorney Rudy Giuliani is joining President Trump's legal team (Photo: Wikipedia)

Giuliani joins Trump legal team
to 'negotiate end' to Mueller probe

Trump: He 'wants to get this matter quickly resolved for good of country'

Andrew McCabe

Inspector general refers McCabe
to federal prosecutors

Recent report revealed he lied, over and over

Michael Cohen

Adviser warns Trump his lawyer could flip

President cautioned not to trust Cohen as Mueller closes in

Iran missile test (Photo: Twitter)

Sen. Corker: Trump poised
to kill Iran deal very soon

If nothing changes, 'president is absolutely going to withdraw from the agreement'

bible page

The Gospel in Every Book of the Old Testament

Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains how plan
for new project 'was downloaded' into his brain

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at Israel's 70th anniversary

Israel's 70th an opportunity
to remember Holocaust victims

Survivor's story 'touches upon the very nature of God and His faithfulness at all times'


Schools in 43 states blasted
for porn curriculum

Parents press for laws to ban 'harmful' material

Randa Jarrar

'Karma boomerang' meets Fresno prof who celebrated Barbara Bush death

University prez says she can be fired for 'disrespectful' tweet