Muslim male migrants in Europe

Plot to replace Europeans
with refugees exposed

U.N. document reveals 2000 plan to push massive migration

"Refugees" arriving in Italy

European nations rebel against EU 'refugee' quotas

'Our external borders have to be protected'


U.K. gov't demands 'queer theology'
in seminaries

And for Sunday schools? They must include 'teaching of LGBTI beliefs'

(Photo: Twitter)

Mexican drug boss ate
human flesh of victims in tamales

'Sadistic, crueal, beastly' cartel has influence in Texas,
Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Maryland, Louisiana


Tea party wins 8-year battle with IRS

Began when Obama administration obstructed conservative groups


New 'Dr. Death' peddling suicide in Britain

'We live in a society where people choose what is right in their own eyes'

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Another bizarre turn
in Wasserman Schultz's latest hacking scandal

'I hope her cooperation is genuine and investigation will proceed'


2 opportunities to radicalize your faith

Take your pick: Meet God in His land, or study His Word while cruising in luxury


Lefty journalists
still protecting
Ted Kennedy

Exclusive: Paul Kengor
on media double standard:
'It honestly sickens me'


'Repeal and replace': Elitist scam

Exclusive: Alan Keyes prescribes health system
based on 'private, voluntary associations'