Winter Jam, Sidewalk Prophets

'Christian' singer who denies Genesis
takes on believers

'I personally have been called a heretic, a blasphemer, a twofold son of hell'


Witness: 'Popular' football player
gunned down lunch mates

'He was just staring down every one of his victims'


Houston story changes in fight with pastors

Lawyers for lesbian mayor tell Supreme Court city petition never 'validated'


'Ebola czar' a no-show
at House hearing on crisis

Chairman questions absence of key White House appointee


Canadian Parliament killer has Libya link

Most media ignore report father fought with Muslim rebels

Lois Lerner

Court sides with IRS
in tea-party targeting scandal

Bush-appointed judge says 'no harm done'

obama jobs

Alan Keyes: Obama destroying
'everything American'

'Violating his sworn duty, which is to see that the laws are faithfully executed'


Jews under siege in Jerusalem
amid Obama promise

New violence as Palestinians bolstered by White House support


NYC has 1st confirmed Ebola case

Doctor with virus used subway, went bowling


Judge restricts Dinesh D'Souza's travel

University speech canceled after Fox News appearance