Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama
raises Barack's
birth-certificate issue

Also urges people to ignore those who question husband's faith

Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio

New DNC chair 'absentee landlord'
in home district

U.S. House challenger finds discontent in battleground Ohio


Bernie gets to Hillary endorsement, eventually

First spends quarter hour thanking own supporters, saying he looks forward
to their votes


GOP delegates of 1 state refuse to help Trump

'Do you want to win the battle or do you want to win the war?'


Black Clevelander explains
why he won't vote for Trump

On commuter train discusses RNC, Hillary, Obama, racial relations


Hillary VP pick's dark ties to Islamists

Kaine wields influence as financial support flows from Muslim Brotherhood

Shotgun shells

Hillary delegate: 'Common-sense gun laws'
code for total ban

'You say s--- like that, and then people will buy into it'

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters march outside DNC (Photo: Twitter)

Boo-time! Hillary gets ugly surprise
at chaotic DNC

Ex-RNC chairman: 'Inflamed' Sanders delegates mean major setback for Clinton


Tim LaHaye, 'Left Behind' author, dies at 90

80 million books 'greater' impact on modern Christianity than anything except Bible


George Noory of Coast-to-Coast AM
writes spellbinding 'Night Talk'

Jerome Corsi reviews first novel from acclaimed radio host