Scientology back in media spotlight

Coincides with new documentary exploring mysterious death, disappearance inside church

A depiction of an 'Army of Islam' against Israel published in the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak (courtesy MEMRI)

'Army of Islam' would be world's biggest military

Turkey hints at forming 5-million-strong alliance against Israel


Woman thrown over 'suicide point' cliff
miraculously survives

Ministry reveals testimony of convert to Christianity


1 year later, American pastor
still held without charges

Arrested by Turkish cops for use as bargaining chip


Turkey's 'hostage diplomacy'
point of concern for West

'Political leaders and diplomats are reluctant to call it by its name'


Never before have so few
controlled so much debate

Exclusive: Joseph Farah has way to battle
'Digital Content Cartel' strangling internet

E. Barrett Prettyman Federal Courthouse in Washington, D.C., where secret FISA court reportedly operates (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Why all FISA Court warrants are illegal

Exclusive: Craige McMillan notes how well Founding Fathers saw into future


Report: 30% of released Gitmo detainees
went back to battle

Predicts some now held 'will seek to reengage in insurgent activities'

(Photo: Flickr/Mesa Tactical)

20 U.S. states with most guns per capita

No. 2 is a complete shocker! You might just fall off your chair ...


9 qualities your future son-in-law must have

Exclusive: Patrice Lewis figures feelings-based feminists won't like No. 8