Priebus out, Gen. John Kelly
new White House chief of staff

Comes day after ugly feud with new communications director erupted in public

Illegal alien Sergio Jose Martinez

Another criminal alien accused of heinous crime in sanctuary city

Illegal with lengthy rap sheet repeatedly returns to U.S. despite deportation orders


State: 'Segregate' students who object
to sharing showers with transgenders

Guidelines issued to give special treatment to those choosing alternative sexual lifestyles


School with f-bombing 'gay' principal
agrees to teach constitutional rights

Lessons for academy faculty follow unprovoked attack on 2 kids caught on video

Sen. John McCain

After being blindsided by McCain,
GOP to await health-care implosion?

'You cannot campaign against Obamacare and then vote for Obamacare'


How the Obamacare-repeal flop
impacts tax reform

It's not all bad news! Expert says Congress on the right track this time


'Watching the watchers':
Lawsuits target FBI's McCabe

Group seeks info on Comey's replacement, wife's ties to Democrats

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.

Maxine Waters has meltdown in House hearing

'Reclaiming my time! Reclaiming my time!'


Charlie Gard dies after life-support
withdrawn in hospice

Parents confirm death of child who was subject of international court fight