I would like to thank the local deluded leftists for all of the humor they continue to write to this publication. From the blather of “Faux News,” when that network is the only one who actually reports rather than manufacture news, to the “mandate” that the Kenyan is supposed to have gained. With a razor-thin win brought about from only 57 percent of the electorate bothering to vote, his “win” is hardly a mandate. In that line of thinking, I will blow my conservative horn and proclaim a “mandate” for the Republican-controlled Congress to keep the communist Kenyan in check.

The reality of the Obamunist’s re-election is nothing more than proof that the leeches in this country were determined to vote for a guy who promised the greatest giveaways of all time, yet he has no way to fulfill those lofty promises as the economy is in the tank and his economic policies will further the decline rather than improve it.

So when the Obamunist taxes all the evil rich to get payback for his “father’s dreams” of destroying colonialism – a father whom he never knew, by the way – and the jobs continue to go overseas as American unemployment reaches new historical highs, we can all thank the Kenyan for his great foresight.

However, long before he and the insane leftists get their just accolades, we will most likely be watching the country burn from riots due to those EBC cards drying up and the government going bankrupt. No worries lefties, your dream of being “equal” to Greece will be fulfilled in short order and rather than trying to stop it from happening and prolonging the slide. It would probably be best to just let it go. In the end, that will hopefully be the end of the leftist ideology and the dupes who blindly support it once and for all. As all will be able to clearly see the fallacy of the socialist mindset.

Dave Bradford

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