A young TV news intern is now facing charges after allegedly going on a bleep-worthy, destructive rampage when her station in Minnesota fired her for not being able to handle her duties.

Jennifer Nicole Anato-Mensah, 21, a University of Minnesota student, started working part-time in early September in a paid internship for KSTP-TV, the ABC affiliate in St. Paul. She was responsible for logging and organizing videotapes for newscasts.

But on Oct. 13, things reportedly went bad. Very bad.

“This is a young girl who was not understanding concepts in a television newsroom,” Danielle Prenevost, 33, executive producer of the station’s early evening newscasts, told the Pioneer Press. “I said, ‘I don’t think your level of college experience is enough for this job.'”

At that point, Prenevost said, Anato-Mensah “just lost it.”

According to the criminal complaint published by the Pioneer Press:

Several newsroom employees heard Anato-Mensah shouting, yelling obscenities and threatening Prenevost, saying, “You don’t know where I’m from. I’ll mess you up, b—-.”

Prenevost attempted to walk away from Anato-Mensah, but the intern followed her. A male employee stepped between her and Prenevost, who went into a nearby conference room. The male employee tried to get Anato-Mensah to calm down and pack up her things, but Anato-Mensah left her desk and again tried to get to the conference room, the complaint said.

Several male employees then stood at the conference room door as Anato-Mensah continued to yell and swear and try to push her way in. At one point, she kicked at and broke a window in the conference room door. She had to be restrained to keep her out of the room, the complaint said.

“The whole situation was very scary,” Prenevost told the paper.

Police arrived after Anato-Mensah was already gone. She has since been charged with criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct, both of which are misdemeanors. Her first court appearance is scheduled for Dec. 30.

The case is already getting plenty of public reaction at the newspaper’s website, with comments including:

  • Welcome the new generation to the workplace! We can look forward a great deal more of this sort of behavior. There is a word, which begins with the letter “e” which accurately describes them. It’s not “excellent.” It’s not “exceptional.” Try “ENTITLED.” And if they do not get their way, look out!
  • I’m sure the attorneys are already lined up at her door to file the discrimination lawsuit against KSTP. Even though the station has countless witnesses to her inappropriate criminal behavior, I’m sure they’ll settle out of court, much to the delight of “Miss way too many names” and her attorneys. Which is what this was all about to begin with.
  • Her parents must be so proud. Oh, but wait, this is the age where you tell your children they never do anything wrong, so is anyone surprised that this happened? Maybe if her parents had guts she wouldn’t be such an idiot.
  • If you are going to work at a job that requires some professionalism, perhaps you should acquire that skill before looking for work. Grow up. If your work was not up to expectations, the company has every right to terminate you. Welcome to the real world! By the way, obscenities are how the ignorant express themselves.
  • Seems to me she has missed her calling as a professional protester. Being a minority female combined with a “Super —– ” personality she would have been great at putting the “Man” in his place at the RNC. I would suggest she find a radical or terrorist group looking for help.

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