The Algerian hostage crisis came to a bloody end Saturday when Special Forces stormed the BP gas complex after the jihadists executed their non-Muslim POWs. At least 81 people have been killed, including two Americans. They were holding more than 600, but they released all the Muslims, saying “they did not want to hurt Muslims. Some locals were forced to recite parts of the Koran to prove they were Muslims.”

The jihadists called their non-Muslim hostages “kuffar,” an ugly word meaning unbelievers. One Muslim hostage said: “Us Algerians were rounded up separately and were treated with kindness. We were told that because we were Muslim we would not be killed, and it was only the Christians they were after. The Algerian hostages were then allowed to leave. … I saw many Brits killed. One Westerner trying to give first aid was blown up by the terrorists.” At least five of the jihadis were employees of the BP plant – which means they were thought to be “moderates.”

Yet despite the American loss of life, the president has not spoken of it or taken any leadership action on this act of war. The American media are following his lead. Every major world leader whose people were kidnapped and/or killed was addressing his parliament, media and the people of their countries: This act of war was a major news story everywhere except in America. U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron canceled a trip to address the House of Commons, where he called the jihadist attack on the BP gas field “brutal and savage” (there’s that word again), and said the assault on the complex was “large, well-coordinated and heavily armed.” Coordinated by whom? Al-Qaida jihadists.

Obama said recently: “We achieved our central goal, or have come very close to achieving our central goal, which is to de-capacitate al-Qaida, to dismantle them, to make sure that they can’t attack us again.” Yet while claiming that al-Qaida is being “de-capacitated,” he is supplying them. The Algerian jihadis had weapons from Libya – that means we supplied them. Obama has consistently supported jihadists in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Burma, et al. Just as this led to the murder of Americans in Libya, so it has now in Algeria. The attackers who stormed our consulate (or whatever that building really was) in Benghazi were part of al-Qaida. While he tells us al-Qaida is vanquished, their attacks become more lethal, widespread and brazen.

The jihadis in Algeria were a multinational group – emphasizing yet again that this is an ideological war, not a geographical one. A hostage said: “Of the terrorists, one was an Egyptian, another was Libyan and one was Syrian. Most of them were Algerian, but some of them had white skin and I think they were Canadian. Two were speaking fluent English.”

The Obama administration was neither advised nor consulted on the raid on the al-Qaida jihadists ahead of time: further proof of our diminished hegemony and the lack of respect Obama has engendered for America across the world.

Al-Qaida in Algeria was demanding a “trade” for the lives of non-Muslims. They wanted the blind sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman, and Aafia Siddiqui, Lady al-Qaida. The release of effective jihadists is an objective of the global jihad: Muslim agitation and violence for the blind sheikh is widespread. On Sept. 11, 2012, Muslims stormed our embassy in Cairo and raised the flag of jihad over our embassy for the same reason. (Obama’s response was to apologize for hurting Muslim feelings.)

The blind sheikh masterminded the bombing of the twin towers in 1993, hoping to slaughter tens of thousands of Americans. There are whispers that Obama is negotiating with the Muslim Brotherhood to “transfer” (i.e., release) the blind sheikh to Egypt (like Scotland’s release of the Lockerbie bomber to Libya, where he was summarily released). If Obama dares defile the memory of those lost in that bombing and betrays this country to the Muslim Brotherhood, hundreds of thousands will march to Washington. You. have. my. word.

Al-Qaida also demanded the release of lady al-Qaida, Aafia Siddiqui, the U.S.-educated Pakistani chemical weapon scientist who got 86 years in prison for firing at American soldiers and FBI agents in Afghanistan after she was found with plans for a “mass casualty attack” in the United States, along with a list of New York landmarks. Hamas-CAIR and other “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood groups have been agitating for her release here in America.

Leading American Muslim clerics have also raised money for Aafia Siddiqui. It is an Islamic pattern that “moderate” Muslim groups like CAIR share the same objectives of murdering jihadists.

Siddiqui named Farha Ahmed as her legal counsel in October 2010. Ahmed was then running for Republican office in Texas. Despite the fact that she was able to compel craven, quisling government officials like the local district attorney to write glowing letters to their constituents endorsing her stealth jihadist candidacy, and the fact that her terror alliances were scrubbed from the Web, she was defeated, thanks to pro-freedom activists in Texas.

Farha Ahmed led the anti-Geller protests outside my October 2011 Sugar Land, Texas, tea-party event. She held a sign saying, “Republicans against bigotry.” Now, with Ahmed serving as this jihad terrorist’s legal counsel, the lines are drawn in blood – as they are increasingly across the world.

In pushing his gun restrictions, Obama falsely claimed: “If there is even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there is even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try.” Where was his obligation in Libya when our boys begged for help, or in Algeria when our people were kidnapped and killed, or at Fort Hood, where the White House is withholding evidence in the prosecution of Nidal Hasan?

If our fellow citizens are not safe abroad, and America’s enemies act with impunity with no fear of retribution, how safe are we in the homeland?



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