There is no denying that America has a lot of problems. We spend a lot of time arguing about what they are, who caused them and how to fix them.

Politicians (Republicans and Democrats) and journalists (the real ones, who graduated from communist universities with a propaganda journalism degree) love this. Among the reasons are job security and self-importance.

You can tell this when you call politicians’ offices with your concerns. “Oh no, the (fill in the blank) doesn’t have time to meet with you. He’s busy solving our national problems!”

Ms. Politician does have time, however, to meet with reporters to discuss her latest efforts at solving our national problems. And heaven help you should you be standing between Mr. Politician and a television camera!

You would think with all this brainpower, we wouldn’t have so many problems. Perhaps this is because there are really two kinds of problems: small-p problems, and Big-P Problems.

Focusing on small-p problems is good for a political or media career. It’s not so good for the nation. Small-p problems are like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Every time you think you’ve fixed one, two spring up in its place. The end result is job security for the political class, bureaucratic growth for the government and advertising revenue for the media.

Here is the dirty little secret about the small-p problems government is so concerned with solving. Small-p problems don’t exist. They are only flotsam in the wake of Big-P Problems that pass unseen in the night.

The good news is: America has very few Big-P Problems.

Our biggest Big-P Problem is painfully evident once you leave the East Coast cities whose business is government and lobbying. At some point in our history, America’s political and media class began to devote their time, attention and media ink to the people at the bottom of the social ladder.

Their initial efforts were to ensure equality of opportunity. And I think most Americans agree: That was a good thing. You should not be denied a seat on the bus or a desk in a public university because of the color of your skin.

Unfortunately, a bus ride to the university did not yield the results that the political and media class had hoped for. So they made a fatal mistake (for America, not themselves). They began to pursue equality of outcome. This meant that time, attention and money were lavished on the people at the bottom of the economic ladder.

This was a critical juncture for America. Instead of looking at the causes for economic failure (the Big-P Problem), they brought out the Marxist cheerleaders. The Big-P Problem would be swept under the rug, never to be heard from again.

The solution was that the people near the top of the economic ladder had to be held back, to provide equal outcomes for those at the bottom. It was their success, you see, that was keeping the politically favored people on the bottom economically. (In fact, they were providing jobs and opportunity.) There were only so many ladders, and too many people. Advancement would be conferred by government rules.

Affirmative action was born. If your skin was white, you were presumed to be privileged and powerful. If your skin was black, you were assumed to be a victim of privileged and powerful white people. Standards were lowered for blacks and eventually other “minorities” that successfully lobbied government. (Later, standards for Asians would be raised above whites, because too many Asians were succeeding over whites and blacks.) Demographic percentages became destiny.

In America it became your skin color – not your intelligence, abilities, determination or work ethic – that determined your success. With dwindling educational standards for graduates, the professions were forced to lower their standards as well. The rest of the culture followed.

Unfortunately for America, graduates flowing from its communist ivory towers knew exactly what the problems – and solutions – were. These Marxist graduates just “knew” that fatherless families, gang membership, school discipline and spiraling dropout rates had nothing to do with the success or failure of the politically favored class.

Religious standards that had encouraged stable families throughout America’s history were actively undermined. Public money was lavished on unemployed, unmarried women with ever-growing numbers of children, whose fathers would remain forever nameless.

Popular “culture” and collectivist schools have now dumbed-down the bulk of Americans to believe that this is how America actually became the world’s economic powerhouse and the beacon for freedom that it once was! “Oh no! It stopped working! Do more of it, faster!”

Government no longer exists to undertake projects for the common good. It exists to steal funds from the common good of all citizens and give them to the politically favored class in return for votes and perpetual power. Government policies insure the expansion of the economic underclass, even if that means importing more members from other countries. Even if it must be done illegally. And even if it is economically unsupportable.

The race to the bottom is now complete. Government’s time, energy and money are devoted to those who produce the least for society. Yes, we have a winner.



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